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Volume 122 (2018) Index

Volume 122 (2018) Index

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Ağtürk, T.Ş., A New Tetrarchic Relief from Nicomedia: Embracing Emperors

Alizadeh, K., S. Maziar, and M. R. Mohammadi, The End of the Kura-Araxes Culture as Seen from Nadir Tepesi in Iranian Azerbaijan: 463-77

Benefiel, R.R., and H.M. Sypniewski, The Greek Graffiti of Herculaneum

Blackwell, N.G., Contextualizing Mycenaean Hoards: Metal Control on the Greek Mainland at the End of the Bronze Age

Çakırlar. See Roosevelt et al.

Carter, J.B., A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Cassibry, K., Reception of the Roman Arch Monument

Cline. See Yasur-Landau et al.

Crandall. See Yasur-Landau et al.

Creekmore, A.T., III, Landscape and Settlement in the Harran Plain, Turkey: The Context of Third-Millennium Urbanization

Crowther. See Poehler and Crowther.

Devolder, M., The Functions of Masons’ Marks in the Bronze Age Palace at Malia (Crete)

Erratum: 689

Gansell, A.R., Dressing the Neo-Assyrian Queen in Identity and Ideology: Elements and Ensembles from the Royal Tombs at Nimrud

Goshen. See Yasur-Landau et al.

Iozzo, M., Hidden Inscriptions on Athenian Vases

Knappett. See Orengo and Knappett.

Koh. See Yasur-Landau et al.

Kotsonas, A., A Cultural History of the Cretan Labyrinth: Monument and Memory from Prehistory to the Present​

Kyriakou. See Papantoniou and Kyriakou.

Luke. See Roosevelt et al.

Madole, S., A Mythological Frieze Sarcophagus from Aphrodisias Depicting the Birth of Dionysos

Marston. See Roosevelt et al.

Maziar. See Alizadeh et al.

Mazurek, L.A., The Middle Platonic Isis: Text and Image in the Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods at Herodes Atticus’ Marathon Villa

Mohammadi. See Alizadeh et al.

Mokrišová. See Roosevelt et al.

Murray, S.C., Imported Exotica and Mortuary Ritual at Perati in Late Helladic IIIC East Attica

O’Grady. See Roosevelt et al.

Orengo, H.A., and C. Knappett, Toward a Definition of Minoan Agropastoral Landscapes: Results of the Survey at Palaikastro (Crete)

Papantoniou, G., and N. Kyriakou, Sacred Landscapes and the Territoriality of Iron Age Cypriot Polities: The Applicability of GIS

Pavúk. See Roosevelt et al.

Pieniążek. See Roosevelt et al.

Poehler, E.E., and B.M. Crowther, Paving Pompeii: The Archaeology of Stone-Paved Streets

Popkin, M.L., Urban Images in Glass from the Late Roman Empire: The Souvenir Flasks of Puteoli and Baiae

Ratzlaff. See Yasur-Landau et al.

Roosevelt, C.H., C. Luke, S. Ünlüsoy, C. Çakırlar, J.M. Marston, C.R. O’Grady, P. Pavúk, M. Pieniążek, J. Mokrišová, C.B. Scott, N. Shin, and F.G. Slim, Exploring Space, Economy, and Interregional Interaction at a Second-Millennium B.C.E. Citadel in Central Western Anatolia: 2014–2017 Research at Kaymakçı

Schoep, I., Building the Labyrinth: Arthur Evans and the Construction of Minoan Civilization

Scott. See Roosevelt et al.

Shaya, J., A Letter from the Editor of the Museum Reviews

Shaya, J., Museo Arqueológico Nacional de España Revisited

Shin. See Roosevelt et al.

Slawisch, A., and T.C. Wilkinson, Processions, Propaganda, and Pixels: Reconstructing the Sacred Way Between Miletos and Didyma

Slim. See Roosevelt et al.

Susnow. See Yasur-Landau et al.

Sypniewski. See Benefiel and Sypniewski.

Thill, E.W., Setting War in Stone: Architectural Depictions on the Column of Marcus Aurelius

Ünlüsoy. See Roosevelt et al.

Wilkinson. See Slawisch and Wilkinson.

Wiman-Barak. See Yasur-Landau et al.

Yasur-Landau, A., E. H. Cline, A.J. Koh, A. Ratzlaff, N. Goshen, M. Susnow, P. Wiman-Barak, and A.M. Crandall, The Wine Storage Complex at the Middle Bronze II Palace of Tel Kabri: Results of the 2013 and 2015 Seasons

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Supplementary Content

Benefiel, R.R., and H.M. Sypniewski, Image Gallery: The Greek Graffiti of Herculaneum

Blackwell, N.G., Appendix: Summary of Middle Bronze Age and Late Bronze Age Metal Hoards from Crete and the Greek Mainland

Cassibry, K., Image Gallery: Reception of the Roman Arch Monument

Devolder, M., Appendix: Dataset of Minoan Masons’ Marks

Devolder, M., Image Gallery: The Functions of Masons’ Marks in the Bronze Age Palace at Malia (Crete)

Gansell, A.R., Appendix: Objects Included in Print-Published Figures 7–12.

Gansell, A.R., Image Gallery: Dressing the Neo-Assyrian Queen in Identity and Ideology: Elements and Ensembles from the Royal Tombs at Nimrud

Kotsonas, A., Image Gallery: A Cultural History of the Cretan Labyrinth: Monument and Memory from Prehistory to the Present​

Popkin, M.L., Appendix: Inscriptions and Images That Appear on the Surviving Flasks of the Puteoli-Baiae Group

Popkin, M.L., Image Gallery: Urban Images in Glass from the Late Roman Empire: The Souvenir Flasks of Puteoli and Baiae

Roosevelt, C.H., C. Luke, S. Ünlüsoy, C. Çakırlar, J.M. Marston, C.R. O’Grady, P. Pavúk, M. Pieniążek, J. Mokrišová, C.B. Scott, N. Shin, and F.G. Slim, Image Gallery: Exploring Space, Economy, and Interregional Interaction at a Second-Millennium B.C.E. Citadel in Central Western Anatolia: 2014–2017 Research at Kaymakçı

Slawisch, A., and T.C. Wilkinson, Appendix 1: Inscriptions, Molpoi Stations, Sondages, and Archaeological Features Relating to the Sacred Way Between Miletos and Didyma; Appendix 2: Route Modeling of the Sacred Way Between Miletos and Didyma: An Open-Source Explanation Using R Code and Libraries

Museum Reviews

Greene, E.S., and J. Leidwanger, Damien Hirst’s Tale of Shipwreck and Salvaged Treasure

Hartnett, J., Marketing Trajan at the Museo dei Fori Imperiali

Johnson, J.A., Presenting the Warrior? Iron Age Scythian Materials and Gender Identity at the British Museum

Leidwanger. See Greene and Leidwanger.

Tuck, A., Wells of Wonders: New Discoveries from Cetamura in Chianti

Review Articles

Allen, P.S., Creating Meaning in Archaeology

Book Reviews

Ahrens, A., Rev. of Leonard, Kataret es-Samra, Jordan: The 1985 Excavation and Survey

Allison, P.M., Rev. of Opitz, Mogetta, and Terrenato, eds., A Mid-Republican House from Gabii

Attema, P., Rev. of Fontaine and Helas, eds., Le fortificazioni arcaiche del Latium vetus e dell’Etruria meridionale (IX–VI sec. a.C.): Stratigrafia, cronologia e urbanizzazione. Atti delle Giornate di Studio. Roma, Academia Belgica, 19–20 settembre 2013

Baer, A., Rev. of Swetnam-Burland, Egypt in Italy: Visions of Egypt in Roman Imperial Culture

Becker, M.J., Rev. of Frederiksen, Müth, Schneider, and Schnelle, eds., Focus on Fortifications: New Research on Fortifications in the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East (Fokus Fortifikation Studies 2, Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens 18).

Benefiel, R.R., Rev. of Bagnall, Casagrande-Kim, Ersoy, Tanriver, and Yolaçan, Graffiti from the Basilica in the Agora of Smyrna

Bes, P., Rev. of Laflı and Kan Şahin, Hadrianopolis III: Ceramic Finds from Southwestern Paphlagonia

Brevick, P., Rev. of Bolman, ed., The Red Monastery Church: Beauty and Asceticism in Upper Egypt

Caubet, A., Rev. of Muller, Maquettes antiques d’Orient: De l’image d’architecture au symbole

Coupal, I., and B. Irvine., Rev. of Sagona, The Archaeology of the Caucasus: From Earliest Settlements to the Iron Age

Deane, M.T., Rev. of Van Heel, Mrs. Naunakhte and Family: The Women of Ramesside Deir al-Medina

DeRose Evans, J., Rev. of Tal and Weiss, eds., Expressions of Cult in the Southern Levant in the Greco-Roman Period: Manifestations in Text and Material Culture

Di Napoli, V., Rev. of De Chaisemartin and Theodorescu, Le theatre d’Aphrodisias: Les structures sceniques

Downing, C., Rev. of Bull, Evans, Ratzlaff, Bobeck, and Fritzius, The Mithraeum at Caesarea Maritima: The Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima Excavation Reports. Vol. 2

Emerson, T.E., Rev. of Kelly and Ardren, eds., Gendered Labor in Specialized Economies: Archaeological Perspectives on Female and Male Work

Erickson, B., Rev. of Bresson, The Making of the Ancient Greek Economy: Institutions, Markets, and Growth in the City-States

Fracchia, H., Rev. of Fentress, Goodson, Maiuro, Andrews, and Dufton, eds., Villa Magna: An Imperial Estate and Its Legacies. Excavations 2006–10

Frakes, J.F.D., Rev. of Pasqualini, Rodet-Belarbi, and Blanc-Bijon, Evolution d’un quartier de Forum Iulii: Des Julio-Claudiens a Diocletien

Friedman, H., Rev. of Williams, The Archaeology of Roman Surveillance in the Central Alentejo, Portugal

García Sánchez, J., Rev. of Vermeulen, Van Limbergen, Monsieur, and Taelman, eds., The Potenza Valley Survey (Marche, Italy): Settlement Dynamics and Changing Material Culture in an Adriatic Valley Between Iron Age and Late Antiquity

Gimatzidis, S., Rev. of Demesticha and Knapp, eds., Maritime Transport Containers in the Bronze–Iron Age Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean

Given, M., Rev. of Athanassopoulos, Landscape Archaeology and the Medieval Countryside

Harrington, K.B., Rev. of Silvestrelli and Edlund-Berry, A Greek Settlement at Sant’Angelo Vecchio

Holt, E., Rev. of Collis, Pearce, and Nicolis, eds., Summer Farms: Seasonal Exploitation of the Uplands from Prehistory to the Present

Hope, C.A., Rev. of Boozer, Amheida II: A Late Romano-Egyptian House in the Dakhla Oasis. Amheida House B2

Hope, V., Rev. of De Jong, The Archaeology of Death in Roman Syria: Burial, Commemoration, and Empire

Hruby, J., Rev. of Cooper and Fortenberry, eds., The Minnesota Pylos Project, 1990–98

Irvine. See Coupal and Irvine.

Karivieri, A., Rev. of Wohl, Terracotta Lamps II: 1967–2004

Keenan-Jones, D., Rev. of Koloski-Ostrow, The Archaeology of Sanitation in Roman Italy: Toilets, Sewers, and Water Systems

Kotsonas, A., Rev. of Gesell and Day, eds., Kavousi IIC: The Late Minoan IIIC Settlement at Vronda. Specialist Reports and Analyses

Kristensen, T.M., Rev. of Smith and Ward-Perkins, eds., The Last Statues of Antiquity

Lancaster, J., Rev. of Wilson, Caddeddi on the Tellaro: A Late Roman Villa in Sicily and Its Mosaics

Lancaster, L.C., Rev. of Favro, Yegül, Pinto, and Métraux, eds., Paradigm and Progeny: Roman Imperial Architecture and Its Legacy. Proceedings of a Conference Held at the American Academy in Rome on 6–7 December, 2011, in Honor of William L. MacDonald

Laneri, N., Rev. of Milevski and Levy, eds., Framing Archaeology in the Near East: The Application of Social Theory to Fieldwork

Larson, K., Rev. of Antonaras, Glassware and Glassworking in Thessaloniki: 1st Century BC–6th Century AD

Laurence, R., Rev. of Flohr and Wilson, eds., The Economy of Pompeii

Laurence, R., Rev. of Poehler, The Traffic Systems of Pompeii

Legarra Herrero, B., Rev. of Tsipopoulou, ed., Petras, Siteia: The Pre- and Proto-palatial Cemetery in Context. Acts of a Two-Day Conference Held at the Danish Institute at Athens, 14–15 February 2015

Lusnia, S.S., Rev. of Elkins, The Image of Political Power in the Reign of Nerva, AD 96–98

Machado, C., Rev. of Kristensen and Stirling, eds., The Afterlife of Greek and Roman Sculpture: Late Antique Responses and Practices

McManamon, F.P., Rev. of Taylor and Bar-Yosef, Radiocarbon Dating: An Archaeological Perspective

Middleton, G.D., Rev. of Emberling, ed., Social Theory in Archaeology and Ancient History: The Present and Future of Counternarratives

Mugnai, N., Rev. of Caliò and Des Courtils, eds., L’architettura greca in Occidente nel III secolo a.C.: Atti del Convegno di Studi, Pompei-Napoli 20–22 maggio 2015

Nazou, M., Rev. of Pantelidou-Gofa, Τσέπι Μαραθῶνος: Ὁ Ἀποθέτης 39 Τοῦ Προϊστορικοὺ Νεκροταφεῖου

Oakley, J.H., Rev. of Seaman and Schultz, eds., Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece

Papalexandrou, N., Rev. of Tarditi, Bronze Vessels from the Acropolis: Style and Decoration in Athenian Production Between the Sixth and Fifth Centuries BC

Pfuntner, L., Rev. of Collura, Studia Calactina I: Ricerche su una città greco-romano di Sicilia. Kalè Akté—Calacte

Pitts, M., Rev. of Swift, Roman Artefacts and Society: Design, Behaviour, and Experience

Pope, S., Rev. of De Angelis, Archaic and Classical Greek Sicily: A Social and Economic History

Potter, D., Rev. of Flower, The Dancing Lares and the Serpent in the Garden: Religion at the Roman Street Corner

Riggs, C., Rev. of Venit, Visualizing the Afterlife in the Tombs of Graeco-Roman Egypt

Rönnlund, R., Rev. of Maher, The Fortifications of Arkadian City States in the Classical and Hellenistic Periods

Roos, P., Rev. of Fleischer, Die Felsgraber der Konige von Pontos in Amasya

Rowan, E., Rev. of Smith, ed., Abundance: The Archaeology of Plenitude

Schultz, P., Rev. of Platt and Squire, eds., The Frame in Classical Art: A Cultural History

Sinopoli, C.M., Rev. of Hunt, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Ceramic Analysis

Smith, M.L., Rev. of Fernández-Götz and Krausse, eds., Eurasia at the Dawn of History: Urbanization and Social Change

Stark, R.J., Rev. of Agarwal and Wesp, eds., Exploring Sex and Gender in Bioarchaeology

Stone, P.J., Rev. of London, Ancient Cookware from the Levant: An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective

Sulosky Weaver, C.L., Rev. of Agelarakis, Parian Polyandreia: The Late Geometric Funerary Legacy of Cremated Soldiers’ Bones on Socio-Political Affairs and Military Organizational Preparedness in Ancient Greece

Tainter, J.A., Rev. of Middleton, Understanding Collapse: Ancient History and Modern Myths

Tanner, J., Rev. of Martin, The Art of Contact: Comparative Approaches to Greek and Phoenician Art

Taylor, L., Rev. of Bell and Carpino, eds., A Companion to the Etruscans

Visonà, P., Rev. of Fischer-Bossert and Wartenberg (ed.), Coins, Artists, and Tyrants: Syracuse in the Time of the Peloponnesian War

Vitti, P., Rev. of Lancaster, Innovative Vaulting in the Architecture of the Roman Empire: 1st to 4th Centuries CE

Von Falkenhausen, L., Rev. of Wu, Material Culture, Power, and Identity in Ancient China

Wells, P.S., Rev. of Krausz, Des premières communautés paysannes à la naissance de l’État dans le Centre de la France 5000–50 a.C.

Williamson, J., Rev. of Wegner, The Sunshade Chapel of Meritaten from the House-of-Waenre of Akhenaten

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Volume 122 (2018) Index

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