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July 1965 (69.3)


The Velletri Sarcophagus (pp. 207–222)
Marion Lawrence

The Early Parthenon Inventories (pp. 223–230)
Wesley E. Thompson

The Silver Cups in the Parthenon (pp. 230–231)
Wesley E. Thompson

A Fibula from Hasanlu (pp. 233–240)
Oscar White Muscarella

Excavations at Karataş-Semayük in Lycia, 1964 (pp. 241–251)
Machteld J. Mellink

New Evidence on the Last Days of Ugarit (pp. 253–258)
Michael C. Astour

Archaeological Notes

An Archaic Corinthian Inscription (pp. 259–262)
Alan L. Boegehold

A New Verse Inscription from Selinus (pp. 262–264)
William M. Calder, III

Aesthetic Analysis concerning the Curvature of the Parthenon (pp. 264–268)
A.D. Mavrikios

The Montebello Mosaics (pp. 268–270)
Andrew Oliver, Jr.

Book Reviews

Topological Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Reliefs, and Paintings. I. The Theban Necropolis. Part 2. Royal Tombs and Smaller Cemeteries (p. 271)
By Bertha Porter and Rosalind L.B. Moss
Reviewed by Nora Scott

Medinet Habu, Volume VII. The Temple Proper, Part III (pp. 271–272)
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

The Arts of Ancient Iran (p. 272)
By Roman Ghirshman
Reviewed by Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

Archaeology in the Aden Protectorates (pp. 272–273)
By G. Lankester Harding
Reviewed by Gus W. van Beek

Monuments préislamiques d’Afghanistan (pp. 273–274)
By Bruno Dagens, Marc Le Berre, and Daniel Schlumberger
Reviewed by William Trousdale

Ancient Art in Bowdoin College, a Descriptive Catalogue of the Warren and Other Collections (p. 274)
By Kevin Herbert
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

Excavations at Gözlü Kule, Tarsus, Vol. III. The Iron Age (pp. 274–276)
By Hetty Goldman
Reviewed by Carl Roebuck

Fouilles exécutées à Mallia. Étude du site (1956–1957) et Explorations des nécropoles (1915–1928), Second Fascicule (p. 276)
By Henri van Effenterre and Micheline van Effenterre
Reviewed by Saul S. Weinberg

Mycenaean Studies. Proceedings of the Third International Colloquium for Mycenaean Studies Held at “Wingspread,” 4–8 September, 1961 (pp. 276–277)
By Emmett L. Bennett
Reviewed by Sara A. Immerwahr

Ἡ Προϊστορία τη̑ς Πελοποννήσου (pp. 277–279)
By K.E. Syriopoulos
Reviewed by Augustus Sordinas

Geometrische Plastik (Vortragsmanuskript), and Bemerkungen zur geometrischen Plastik (pp. 279–281)
By Nikolaus Himmelmann-Wildschütz
Reviewed by David Gordon Mitten

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Poland, 6, Warsaw, 3 (pp. 281–282)
By Marie-Louise Bernhard
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Manuel d’Archéologie Grecque IV, 2**, La Sculpture, période classique IVe siècle (pp. 282–283)
By Charles Picard
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

A Catalogue of the Greek and Roman Sculpture in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (pp. 283–284)
By Ludwig Budde and Richard Nicholls
Reviewed by Dericksen M. Brinkerhoff

The Etruscans-Their Art and Civilization (pp. 284–285)
By Emeline Richardson
Reviewed by Richard Bronson

The Paintings from Boscotrecase (pp. 286–287)
By Peter H. v. Blanckenhagen and Christine Alexander
Reviewed by Karl Schefold

Die Constantinische Goldprägung. Untersuchungen zu ihrer Bedeutung für Kaiser-Politik und Hofkunst (pp. 287–288)
By Maria R. Alföldi
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

Scritti vari di Antichità. Raccolti da amici e allievi nel 75 compleanno dellautore (pp. 288–289)
By Attilio Degrassi
Reviewed by Lily Ross Taylor

Les Statues antiques des jardins de Versailles (pp. 289–290)
By Christiane Pinatel
Reviewed by Katharine Shepard

La Estratigrafía de la Gruta de Intihuasi (Prov. de San Luis, R.A.) y sus Relaciones con Otros Sitios Preceramicos de Sudamérica (pp. 290–291)
By Alberto Rex Gonzalez
Reviewed by Edward P. Lanning

A Ceramic Sequence for the Piura and Chira Coast, North Peru (pp. 291–293)
By Edward P. Lanning
Reviewed by David H. Kelley

Indian Art in Middle America. Pre-Columbian and Contemporary Arts and Crafts of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean (p. 293)
By Frederick J. Dockstader
Reviewed by Pál Kelemen


Erratum (p. 294)