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April–June 1931 (35.2)

A Greek Element in Egyptian Dancing (pp. 125–138)
Casper J. Kraemer, Jr.

A Hoard of Coins Found in the Theatre District of Corinth in 1930 (pp. 139–151)
Theodore Leslie Shear

Bouzyges and the First Plough on a Krater by the Painter of the Naples Hephaistos (pp. 152–160)
David M. Robinson

Associated Divinities in Greek Temples (pp. 161–169)
Alfred C. Schlesinger

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 170–201)
Edward H. Heffner and E.P.B.

Bibliography of Archaeological Books 1930 (pp. 203–236)
Edward H. Heffner

Book Reviews

Sculpture (pp. 237–238)
By Agnes M. Rindge
Reviewed by Walter Read Hovey

The Treasuries of the Greeks and Romans (pp. 238–239)
By Herbert Newell Couch
Reviewed by William Nickerson Bates

Euripides: A Student of Human Nature (p. 239)
By William Nickerson Bates
Reviewed by Samuel E. Bassett

Aegyptiaca, a Catalogue of Egyptian Objects in the Aegean Area (pp. 239–241)
By J.D.S. Pendlebury
Reviewed by William C. Hayes, Jr.

La Lydie et ses Voisins aux Hautes Époques (p. 242)
By René Dussaud
Reviewed by Theodore Leslie Shear

La Statue d’Artemision (pp. 242–243)
By H.G. Beyen
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World (pp. 243–244)
By Flinders Petrie
Reviewed by G.W. Elderkin

Bilderatlas zur Religionsgeschichte, 15 Lieferung, Die Religion des Mithra (pp. 244–245)
By Johannes Leipoldt
Reviewed by G.W. Elderkin

Vasi Della Collezione Castellani: Catalogo (p. 246)
By Paolino Mingazzini
Reviewed by A.W. van Buren

Die Burg von Athen by Martin Schede; The Acropolis of Athens, by M. Schede and H.T. Price; Die Akropolis, by Walter Hege and Gerhart Rodenwaldt (pp. 246–247)
Reviewed by A.W. van Buren

Clay Figurines of Babylonia and Assyria (pp. 247–248)
By E. Douglas van Buren
Reviewed by L. Legrain