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A Letter from the Book Review Editor
(pp. 1)
Open Access
David L. Stone


Excavating and Conserving Europe's Oldest Books: A Papyrus from Mangalia on the Black Sea (P. Callatis 1)
(pp. 65–89)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Richard Janko, Sorin M. Colesniuc, Mihai Ionescu, Ion Pâslaru

Print Museum Reviews

Online Encounters with Museum Antiquities
(pp. 165–175)
Open Access
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Caitlin Chien Clerkin, Bradley L. Taylor


J.J. Coulton, 1940–2020
(pp. 177–180)
Open Access
Tyler Jo Smith, Lynne Lancaster

Book Reviews

Testing the Canon of Ancient Near Eastern Art and Archaeology
Open Access
Edited by Amy Rebecca Gansell and Ann Shafer
Reviewed by Allison Thomason

Religious Convergence in the Ancient Mediterranean
Open Access
Edited by Sandra Blakely and Billie Jean Collins
Reviewed by Lynn E. Roller

Two Late Cypriot City Quarters at Hala Sultan Tekke: The Söderberg Expedition 2010–2017
Open Access
By Peter M. Fischer and Teresa Bürge
Reviewed by Mara T. Horowitz

Thesprotia Expedition IV: Region Transformed by Empire
Open Access
Edited by Björn Forsén
Reviewed by Jack L. Davis

The Role of Zooarchaeology in the Study of the Western Roman Empire
Open Access
Edited by Martyn G. Allen
Reviewed by Victoria C. Moses

Un-Roman Sex: Gender, Sexuality, and Lovemaking in the Roman Provinces and Frontiers
Open Access
Edited by Tatiana Ivleva and Rob Collins
Reviewed by John R. Clarke

Julius Caesar’s Battle for Gaul: New Archaeological Perspectives
Open Access
Edited by Andrew P. Fitzpatrick and Colin Haselgrove
Reviewed by Michael J. Taylor

Roman Artists, Patrons, and Public Consumption: Familiar Works Reconsidered
Open Access
Edited by Brenda Longfellow and Ellen E. Perry
Reviewed by Susann S. Lusnia

Protecting the Roman Empire: Fortlets, Frontiers, and the Quest for Post-conquest Security
Open Access
By Matthew F.A. Symonds
Reviewed by Anna H. Walas

Books Received