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October 1993 (97.4)

Volume Index

Volume 97 (1993) Index (Open Access)


Material and Intellectual Consequences of Esteem for Cycladic Figures (pp. 601–659)
David W.J. Gill and Christopher Chippindale

The Aegean Garden (pp. 661–685)
Maria C. Shaw

The Scaenae Frons of the Theater of Pompey (pp. 687–701)
Frank B. Sear


Archaeology in Albania (pp. 703–743)
Muzafer Korkuti and Karl M. Petruso

Review of Aegean Prehistory II

The Prepalatial Bronze Age of the Southern and Central Greek Mainland (pp. 745–797)
Jeremy B. Rutter

Book Reviews

GIS Approaches to Regional Analysis: A Case Study of the Island of Hvar (pp. 799–800)
By Vincent Gaffney and Zoran Stančič
Reviewed by Jack L. Davis

Pottery Function: A Use-Alteration Perspective (pp. 800–801)
By James M. Skibo
Reviewed by Karen D. Vitelli

After Tutʿankhamūn: Research and Excavation in the Royal Necropolis at Thebes (pp. 801–802)
By C.N. Reeves
Reviewed by William H. Peck

Proceedings of an International Symposium: “The Civilizations of the Aegéan and Their Diffusion in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, 2000–600 B. C.,” 18–24 September 1989 (pp. 802–803)
By V. Karageorghis
Reviewed by David W. Rupp

La transizione dal miceneo allalto arcaismo: Dal palazzo alla città. Atti del Convegno internazionale, Roma, 14–19 marzo 1988 (p. 803)
By D. Musti et al.
Reviewed by Ian Morris

Art, Artefacts, and Chronology in Classical Archaeology (pp. 804–806)
By William R. Biers
Reviewed by Martha Sharp Joukowsky

Archeologia della Magna Grecia (pp. 806–807)
By Emanuele Greco
Reviewed by Brian E. McConnell

Pontecagnano II: La necropoli di S. Antonio: Propr. ECI 2: Tombe della prima età del ferro (pp. 807–808)
By Serenella de Natale
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

Serra di Vaglio: La “Casa dei Pithoi” (pp. 808–809)
By Giovanna Greco
Reviewed by Theresa D.M. Menard

Early Hellenistic Coinage: From the Accession of Alexander to the Peace of Apamea (336–188 B.C.) (pp. 809–810)
By Otto Mørkholm, Philip Grierson, and Ulla Westermark
Reviewed by Gary Reger

Morgantina Studies III: Fornaci e officine da vasaio tardo-ellenistiche (pp. 810–811)
By Ninina Cuomo di Caprio
Reviewed by Susan I. Rotroff

Ancient Portraiture, Image and Message (pp. 811–812)
By Tobias Fischer-Hansen et al.
Reviewed by Susan Wood

Roman Sculpture (p. 813)
By Diana E.E. Kleiner
Reviewed by Nancy H. Ramage

Le Terme del Sarno a Pompei (pp. 813–815)
By Giovanni Ioppolo
Reviewed by Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow

Archaeologist at Large (p. 815)
By Graham Webster
Reviewed by R. Leon Fitts

Knossos: From Greek City to Roman Colony: Excavations at the Unexplored Mansion II (pp. 815–816)
By L.H. Sackett
Reviewed by George W.M. Harrison

Catalogue of Late Roman Coins in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection and in the Whittemore Collection: From Arcadius and Honorius to the Accession of Anastasius (p. 816)
By P. Grierson and M. Mays
Reviewed by William E. Metcalf

Investigations in the Black Earth 1: Early Investigations and Future Plans (pp. 816–817)
By Björn Ambrosiani and Helen Clarke
Reviewed by Peter S. Wells

Pilgrimage in Ireland: The Monuments and the People (pp. 817–819)
By Peter Harbison
Reviewed by John Moreland

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 820–822)