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October 1973 (77.4)

Volume Index

Volume 77 (1973) Index (Open Access)


An Allied View of the Social War (pp. 367–378)
D. Brendan Nagle

Gallia Graeca, Gallia Romana and the Introduction of Classical Sculpture in Gaul (pp. 379–390)
Fred S. Kleiner

Excavations at Stobi, 1972 (pp. 391–403)
James Wiseman And Djordje Mano-Zissi

Excavations at Buccino: 1972 (pp. 405–409)
Stephen L. Dyson

Excavations at Buccino, 1972 the Apennine Site at Tufariello (pp. 411–412)
Bruno D’Agostino, R. Ross Holloway, and Ned P. Nabers

A Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Knidos, 1972 (pp. 413–424)
Iris Cornelia Love

Archaeological News from Cyprus, 1972 (pp. 425–433)
Kyriakos Nicolaou

Archaeological Notes

Evidence for a Pattern in Attic Pottery Production CA. 430–350 B.C. (pp. 435–437)
Sally Rutherfurd Roberts

Antinoopolis: Painter J (pp. 437–438)
David L. Thompson

A Patchwork “Fayum” in Toledo (pp. 438–439)
David L. Thompson

Book Reviews

Ashdod II–III: The Second and Third Seasons of Excavations 1963, 1965, Soundings in 1967 (pp. 441–442)
By M. Dothan
Reviewed by Walter E. Rast

Die deutschen Ausgrabungen auf der Otzaki-Magula in Thessalien, I: Das frühe Neolithikum (pp. 442–443)
By Johanna Milojčić-v. Zumbusch and Vladimir Milojčić
Reviewed by Sara A. Immerwahr

Kythera, Excavations and Studies Conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Museum and the British School at Athens (pp. 443–444)
By J.N. Coldstream, G.L. Huxley, R. Hope Simpson, J.F. Lazenby, and A.S. Trik
Reviewed by J. Walter Graham

The Athenian Agora, Vol. XIV, the Agora of Athens (pp. 444–446)
By Homer A. Thompson and R.A. Wycherley
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Inscriptiones Thessalonicae et Viciniae (pp. 446–447)
By Carolus Edson
Reviewed by M. Speidel

Fouilles de Xanthos, IV: Les céramiques archaïques et classiques de l'acropole Lycienne (p. 447)
By Henri Metzger
Reviewed by M.F. Jongkees-Vos

Potter and Patron in Classical Athens (pp. 447–449)
By T.B.L. Webster
Reviewed by Michael M. Eisman

The Iron Age Necropolis of Sorbo at Cerveteri (p. 449)
By Ingrid Pohl
Reviewed by Ingrid Edlund Gantz

Seven Italic Tomb-Groups from Narce (pp. 449–450)
By Jean M. Davison
Reviewed by Mario A. del Chiaro

Urne del territorio Perugino (pp. 450–451)
By Gianna Dareggi
Reviewed by Mario A. del Chiaro

Il deposito votivo di Campetti a Veio (p. 451)
By Lucia Vagnetti
Reviewed by Nancy A. Winter

Die Skulpturen des Schiffsfundes von Antikythera (pp. 451–453)
By Peter Cornelis Bol
Reviewed by Ariel Herrmann

Roman Bridal Drama at the Villa of the Mysteries (pp. 453–456)
By Alan M.G. Little
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

The Polyphemus and Scylla Groups at Sperlonga (pp. 456–460)
By Gosta Saeflund
Reviewed by Peter H. v. Blanckenhagen

Sperlonga und Vergil (p. 461)
By Roland Hampe
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

The Myth of the Phoenix According to Classical and Early Christian Traditions (p. 462)
By R. van den Broek and I. Seeger
Reviewed by Morton Smith

Das Römerlager von Buciumi. Beiträge zur Untersuchung des Limes der Dacia Porolissensis (pp. 462–463)
By Engen Chirilă, Nicolae Gudea, Vasile Lucăcel, Constantin Pop, Castrul Roman de la Buciumi, and A. Tarnavschi
Reviewed by Donald W. Wade