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April 1984 (88.2)


The Study of Greek Architecture (pp. 103–106)
Frederick E. Winter

Minoan Hearths (pp. 107–122)
Polymnia Metaxa Muhly

Ayia Triada: A New Perspective on the Minoan Villa (pp. 123–134)
Livingston V. Watrous

The Ceiling of the Hephaisteion (pp. 135–167)
William F. Wyatt, Jr. and Colin N. Edmonson

The Temple of Athena Alea at Tegea (pp. 169–194)
Naomi J. Norman

The Ancient Dam of the Mytikas Valley (pp. 195–203)
William M. Murray

How Did Frontinus Measure the Quinaria? (pp. 205–216)
A. Trevor Hodge

News Letter from the Levant (Southern Section), 1982 (pp. 217–228)
Duane W. Roller

Archaeological Notes

A New Kouloura at Phaistos (pp. 229–230)
Silvia Damiani Indelicato and Mario Chighine

The Pnyx in 404/3 B.C. (pp. 230–231)
Peter Krentz

The E at Delphi Again: Reply to A.T. Hodge (pp. 231–232)
L.A. Losada and K. Morgan

The Temples at Kourno: A Correction (p. 232)
Joan E. Winter and Frederick E. Winter


The Eighty-Fifth General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 234–264) 

Book Reviews

Archaeological Survey in the Mediterranean Area (pp. 265–266)
By D.R. Keller and D.W. Rupp
Reviewed by T.J. Wilkinson

The Present Past. An Introduction to Anthropology for Archaeologists (pp. 266–267)
By Ian Hodder
Reviewed by Tracey Cullen

The International Trade in Art (pp. 267–268)
By Paul M. Bator
Reviewed by Ellen Herscher

European Economic Prehistory. A New Approach (pp. 268–269)
By Robin Dennell
Reviewed by Curtis Runnels

Uch Tepe 1: Tell Razuk, Tell Ahmed al-Mughir, Tell Ajamat (pp. 269–270)
By McG. Gibson, I. Thuesen, J.C. Sanders, J. Eidem, J.A. Armstrong, B. Mortensen, O. Pedersen, and P. Steinkeller
Reviewed by Elizabeth Carter

Egyptian Stelae, Reliefs and Paintings from the Petrie Collection, Part Three: The Late Period, with a Supplement of Miscellaneous Inscribed Material (pp. 270–271)
By H.M. Stewart
Reviewed by Barry B. Powell

A Catalogue of Ivories from Hasanlu, Iran (pp. 271–273)
By Oscar White Muscarella
Reviewed by Suzanne Heim

Ἡ νεολιθικὴ καὶ πρωτοελλαδικὴ Ι στὴν Εὔβοια (pp. 273–274)
By Adamantios Sampson
Reviewed by Hara Tzavella-Evjen

Εὐβοϊκὴ Κύμη I (p. 274)
By Adamantios Sampson
Reviewed by Hara Tzavella-Evjen

Minoan Ceramic Relief (pp. 274–275)
By Karen Polinger Foster
Reviewed by Sara A. Immerwahr

An Island Polity: The Archaeology of Exploitation in Melos (pp. 275–276)
By Colin Renfrew and Malcolm Wagstaff
Reviewed by Jack L. Davis

A Mycenaean Chamber Tomb near Berbati in Argolis (pp. 276–277)
By Erik J. Holmberg
Reviewed by Emmett L. Bennett, Jr.

Alt-Aegina 2.1 (pp. 277–278)
By Hans Walter
Reviewed by Wolf Rudolph

Frühe Argonautenbilder (pp. 278–279)
By M. Vojatzi
Reviewed by Mary B. Moore

Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum (CSE). Direttive agli Autori by Adriana Emiliozzi Morandi; CSE, Denmark 1. Copenhagen, The Danish National Museum, The Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek. Fascicle 1, by Helle Salskov Roberts; CSE, Italia 1. Bologna, Museo Civico by G. Sassatelli; CSE, The Netherlands, by L. Bouke van der Meer (pp. 279–281)
Reviewed by Larissa Bonfante

A Guide to Etruscan Mirrors (pp. 281–282)
By Nancy Thomson de Grummond
Reviewed by Mario A. del Chiaro            

Il Foro Romano: periodo arcaico (pp. 282–284)
By Filippo Coarelli
Reviewed by Paul MacKendrick

Alexander’s Drachm Mints 1: Sardes and Miletus (pp. 284–285)
By Margaret Thompson
Reviewed by Arthur Houghton

Numismatique romaine du culte métroaque (pp. 285–286)
By Robert Turcan
Reviewed by William E. Metcalf

La Galice Romaine: Recherches sur le nordouest de la péninsule ibérique dans l’antiquité (pp. 286–287)
By Alain Tranoy
Reviewed by D.J. Smith

Roman Crete (pp. 287–288)
By I.F. Sanders
Reviewed by James Russell

Verulamium Excavations 2 (pp. 288–289)
By Sheppard Frere
Reviewed by Anthony A. Barrett

Poésie et art figuré de Néron aux Flaviens: Recherches sur l’iconographie et la correspondance des arts à l’époque impériale (pp. 289–290)
By Jean-Michel Croisille
Reviewed by Eleanor Winsor Leach

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 290–292)