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April 1976 (80.2)


The Gods of the East Frieze of the Parthenon (pp. 113–124)
Elizabeth G. Pemberton

Bronze Age Representations of Aegean Bull-Leaping (pp. 125–137)
John G. Younger

Tradition and Innovation in Doric Design I: Western Greek Temples (pp. 139–145)
F.E. Winter

The Aphrodite of Arles (pp. 147–154)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

The Date of the Last Palace at Knossos (pp. 155–164)
John C. Overbeck and Christine K. McDonald

Excavations in the Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene. Fourth Preliminary Report (pp. 165–181)
Donald White

Archaeological Notes

A New Species of Animal Figure from Alexandria (pp. 183–185)
Arielle P. Kozloff

Northern Intruders in MYC. IIIC? (pp. 186–187)
Gisela Walberg

“Non-Mycenaean” Pottery: A Reply to Gisela Walberg (pp. 187–188)
Jeremy B. Rutter

An Addition to the Volcani Group (pp. 188–189)
J.R. Green

Aegisthos and the Barbitos (pp. 189–190)
Jane McIntosh Snyder


Seventy-Seventh General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 192–195) 


Franklin Plotinus Johnson (p. 197)

Emerson Howland Swift (p. 197)

Book Reviews

Tell el ‘Ajjūl: The Middle Bronze Age Remains (pp. 199–200)
By James R. Stewart and Hanna E. Kassis
Reviewed by Bruce Williams

Reliefbronzen in babylonischem Stil. Eine westiranische Werkstatt des 10. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. (pp. 200–201)
By Peter Calmeyer
Reviewed by Edith Porada

Ivories from Nimrud (1949–1963), Fascicule III: Furniture from SW7 Fort Shalmaneser (pp. 201–203)
By Max Mallowan and Georgina Herrmann
Reviewed by Irene J. Winter

The Ayia Triadha Sarcophagus. A Study of Late Minoan and Mycenaean Funerary Practises and Beliefs (pp. 203–204)
By Charlotte R. Long
Reviewed by Jeffrey S. Soles

The People of Pylos. Prosopographical and Methodological Studies in the Pylos Archives (pp. 204–205)
By Margareta Lindgren
Reviewed by Mabel L. Lang

Archaeologia Homerica: Die Denkmäler und das frühgrieschische Epos (pp. 205–206)
By Friedrich Matz and Hans-Günter Buchholz
Reviewed by Stylianos Alexiou

Motya, a Phoenician and Carthaginian City in Sicily Volume I, Field Work and Excavation (pp. 206–207)
By B.S.J. Isserlin and Joan du Plat Taylor
Reviewed by Javier Teixidor

Samos XI: Bildwerke der archaischen Zeit und des strengen Stils (pp. 207–209)
By Brigitte Freyer-Schauenburg
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Attische Giebelskulpturen und Akrotere des Fünften Jahrhunderts (pp. 209–210)
By Angelos Delivorrias
Reviewed by Evelyn B. Harrison

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Austria Fasc. 3, Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Fasc. 3 (pp. 210–211)
By Fritz Eichler and Wolfgang Oberleitner
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

The Athenian Agora, XV, Inscriptions: The Athenian Councillors (pp. 211–212)
By Benjamin D. Meritt and John S. Traill
Reviewed by Daniel J. Geagan

Fouilles de Xanthos, V: tombes-maisons, tombes rupestres et sarcophages, by Pierre Demargne; Les Épitaphes Lyciennes, by Emmanuel Laroche (pp. 212–213)
Reviewed by William A.P. Childs

Le miroir étrusque d’après la collection du Cabinet des Médailles (pp. 213–215)
By Denise Rebuffat-Emmanuel
Reviewed by Larissa Bonfante

Roman Republican Coinage (pp. 215–216)
By Michael H. Crawford
Reviewed by William E. Metcalf

Die Porträtgemmen der römischen Republik (pp. 216–217)
By Marie-Louise Vollenweider
Reviewed by Ulrich W. Hiesinger

Neues zum Rätsel des Grand Camée de France (pp. 217–218)
By Kristian Jeppesen
Reviewed by Ulrich W. Hiesinger

Les portraits romains II. De Vespasien à la Basse-Antiquité (pp. 218–219)
By Vagn Poulsen and Ghani Merad
Reviewed by Richard Brilliant

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 219–221)