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July–September 1924 (28.3)

Some Roman Terra-Cotta Savings-Banks (pp. 239–250)
David M. Robinson

A Jewish Inscription at Columbia University (pp. 251–252)
Harry J. Leon

Byzantine Sculptures at Corinth (pp. 253–265)
Franklin P. Johnson

The Traditional Site of Cicero’s Tusculanum (p. 266)
G.A. Harrer

A Daedalid in the Skimatari Museum (pp. 267–275)
Elizabeth Denny Pierce

A Neolithic Saying and an Aesop’s Fable (pp. 276–277)
Louis Cons

Greek Vases in the Gallatin Collection (pp. 278–289)
Mary H. Swindler

The Costume of the Servant on the Grave-Relief of Hegeso (pp. 290–292)
Albert W. Barker

A Peculiar Idol from the Highlands of Costa Rica (pp. 293–295)
J. Fid. Tristán

Studies of the Exploits of Heracles on Vases (pp. 296–325)
Stephen Bleecker Luce

Archaeological News (pp. 327–355)
Sidney N. Deane