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April–June 1930 (34.2)

The Departure of Alcibiades for Sicily (pp. 125–152)
Benjamin D. Meritt

Five Red-Figured Vases in the Art Institute of Chicago (pp. 153–176)
Daniel Catton Rich

The Lasso on a Pyxis in the Style of the Penthesilea Painter (pp. 177–181)
David M. Robinson

Maya Chronological Systems (pp. 182–189)
R.B. Weitzel

Antique Fig-Beads (pp. 190–196)
Gustavus A. Eisen

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 197–221)
Edward H. Heffner and E.P.B.

Bibliography of Archaeological Books 1929 (pp. 223–259)
Edward H. Heffner

Book Reviews

Histoire ancienne de l’Afrique du Nord. Vols. V–VI: Les royaumes indigenès; Histoire ancienne de l’Afrique du Nord. Vol. VII: La Republique romaine et les rois indigènes (p. 260)
By Stéphane Gsell
Reviewed by Holmes V.M. Dennis

Ueber Stilleben aus Pompeii und Herculaneum (pp. 260–261)
By H.G. Beyen
Reviewed by Mary Swindler

The Two Cities: A Chronicle of Universal History to the Year 1146 A.D. (pp. 261–262)
By Otto and Charles Christopher Mierow
Reviewed by R.V.D. Magoffin

Histoire Ancienne de l’Afrique de Nord. Tome VIII: Jules Cesar et l’Afrique, Fin des Royaumes Indigenes (pp. 262–263)
By Stephane Gsell
Reviewed by Prescott W. Townsend

I. The Middle Euphrates: A Topographical Itinerary by Alois Musil; II. Palmyrena: A Topographical Itinerary; III. Northern Neǧd: A Topographical Itinerary (pp. 263–265)
By Alois Musil
Reviewed by Philip K. Hitti

A Century of Exploration at Nineveh (pp. 265–266)
By R. Campbell Thompson and R.W. Hutchinson
Reviewed by A.T. Olmstead

The Sumerians (pp. 266–267)
By C. Leonard Woolley
Reviewed by Raymond P. Dougherty

Les Illustrations antiques de l’Iliade (pp. 267–268)
By Kazimietz Bulas
Reviewed by C.R. Morey

First Report of the Prehistoric Survey Expedition (p. 268)
By K.S. Sanford and W.J. Arkell
Reviewed by Raymond P. Dougherty

The Excavation of Armageddon (pp. 268–269)
By Clarence S. Fisher
Reviewed by Raymond P. Dougherty

Daedalus and Thespis: The Contribution of the Ancient Dramatic Poets to Our Knowledge of the Arts and Crafts of Greece. Vol. I. Architecture and Topography (pp. 269–270)
Reviewed by Samuel Bassett

Ancient Paintings from the Earliest Times to the Period of Christian Art (pp. 270–273)
By Mary Hamilton Swindler
Reviewed by G.W. Elderkin

Corinth. Results of Excavations Conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Volume IV, Part I. Decorated Architectural Terracottas (pp. 273–274)
By Ida Thallon Hill and Lida Shaw King
Reviewed by Stephen Bleecker Luce

Nabonidus and Belshazzar (pp. 274–275)
By Raymond Philip Dougherty
Reviewed by A.T. Olmstead

Old Civilization of the New World (pp. 275–276)
By A. Hyatt Verrill
Reviewed by Kate McK. Elderkin

An Introduction to Biblical Archaeology (p. 276)
By G.S. Duncan
Reviewed by C.H. Kraeling

Beth Shemesh (pp. 276–277)
By Elihu Grant
Reviewed by C.H. Kraeling

Pagan Regeneration (p. 277)
By H.R. Willoughby
Reviewed by C.H. Kraeling

A History of Egypt from the Earliest Times to the End of the XVIIIth Dynasty (pp. 277–278)
By James Baikie
Reviewed by Kate McK. Elderkin

Medinet Habu 1924–28 (pp. 278–279)
By Harold H. Nelson and Uvo Hoelscher
Reviewed by Ludlow Bull

Typen der Archaischen Architektur in Griechenland und Kleinasien (pp. 279–280)
By Carl Weickert
Reviewed by Leicester B. Holland