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October 1978 (82.4)

Volume Index

Volume 82 (1978) Index (Open Access)


Evidence for the Minoan Tripartite Shrine (pp. 429–448)
Joseph W. Shaw

Neolithic Pottery of Inland Apulia: Field Work and Speculation (pp. 449–459)
S.P. Vinson

The Proportions of Kouroi (pp. 461–472)
Eleanor Guralnick

Lysippan Studies 3. Not by Daidalos? (pp. 473–482)
A.F. Stewart

Use of the Sarissa by Philip and Alexander of Macedon (pp. 483–497)
Minor M. Markle, III

Alcestis on Roman Sarcophagi (pp. 499–510)
Susan Wood

North African News Letter 1 (pp. 511–520)
John H. Humphrey

Archaeological News from Cyprus, 1976 (pp. 521–535)
Kyriakos Nicolaou

Chronologies in Old World Archaeology, 1976–1977

An Interim Report on Ganj Dareh Tepe, Iran (pp. 537–540)
Philip E.L. Smith

Tell Mardikh: Ancient Ebla (pp. 540–543)
Paolo Matthiae

Archaeological Notes

An Etruscan Black-Figure Gigantomachy in Minneapolis (pp. 545–549)
Ruth Olsen Carlucci

Inscription on the “Memnon Pietà” by Douris (pp. 549–551)
M.G. Kanowski

Turin 4122 and the Pronomos Painter (pp. 551–553)
Ian McPhee

Book Reviews

Kamares: A Study of the Character of Palatial Middle Minoan Pottery (pp. 555–556)
By Gisela Walberg
Reviewed by E. Fiandra and G.F. Pinney

Tholoi, tumuli et cercles funéraires. Recherches sur les monuments funéraires de plan circulaire dans l’égée de l’âge du bronze (pp. 556–558)
By Olivier Pelon
Reviewed by Sinclair Hood

Les ivoires mycéniens. Essai sur la formation d’un art mycénien (pp. 558–559)
By Jean-Claude Poursat
Reviewed by Charlotte R. Long

Mégara Hyblaea, I. Le quartier de l’agora archaique (pp. 560-–62)
By Georges Vallet, François Villard, and Paul Auberson
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

Fouilles de Delphes, II, topographie et architecture. Le sanctuaire d’Athéna Pronaia, le temple en calcaire (pp. 562–563)
By Jean-Pierre Michaud
Reviewed by William R. Biers

Corinth VII, Part IV, the Red-Figure Pottery (pp. 563–564)
By Sharon Herbert
Reviewed by Ian McPhee

Form and Color in Greek Painting (pp. 564–565)
By Vincent Bruno
Reviewed by Elizabeth G. Pemberton

Forschungen in Ephesos VIII, 1. Die Wandmalerei der Hanghäuser in Ephesos (pp. 565–567)
By Volker Michael Strocka
Reviewed by Peter H. von Blanckenhagen

Pergamon und Hesiod (pp. 567–568)
By Erika Simon
Reviewed by Evelyn B. Harrison

Seleukeia am Euphrat/Zeugma (pp. 569–570)
By Jörg Wagner
Reviewed by Richard D. Sullivan

Watermills and Military Works on Hadrian’s Wall. Excavations in Northumberland 1907–1913 (p. 570)
By F. Gerald Simpson and Grace Simpson
Reviewed by C.M. Wells

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 571–572)


Margarete Bieber (1879–1978) (pp. 573–575)
Evelyn B. Harrison and Mary Heuser