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October 1965 (69.4)

Volume Index

Volume 69 (1965) Index (Open Access)


Observations on the Sign-Grouping and Vocabulary of Linear A (pp. 295–330)
Gregory Nagy

The Archaic as Survival versus the Archaistic as a New Style (pp. 331–340)
Christine Mitchell Havelock

Conventions of Etruscan Painting in the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing at Tarquinii (pp. 341–347)
R. Ross Holloway

Homeric, British and Cyrenaic Chariots (pp. 349–352)
J.K. Anderson

News Letter from Greece (pp. 353–357)
Eugene Vanderpool

News Letter from Rome (pp. 359–364)
A.W. van Buren

Archaeological Notes

The Smithsonian Institution Foreign Currency Program in Archeology and Related Disciplines (p. 365)

Two Galatian Tumuli in the Vicinity of Bolu (pp. 365–367)
Nezih Firatli

Engraving Techniques in Attic Epigraphy (pp. 367–371)
C.G. Higgins and W. Kendrick Pritchett

A Head of Herakles in the Philadelphia University Museum (p. 371)
Elizabeth T. Wakeley and Brunilde S. Ridgway

Book Reviews

Environment and Archeology: An Introduction to Pleistocene Geography (pp. 372–373)
By Karl W. Butzer
Reviewed by Kent V. Flannery

Norbert Schimmel Collection (p. 373)
By Herbert Hoffmann
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

The Chronology of the Amarna Letters, with Special Reference to the Hypothetical Coregency of Amenophis III and Akhenaten (pp. 373–374)
By Edward Fay Campbell
Reviewed by Alan R. Schulman

Inscriptions from the Coptite Nome (pp. 374–375)
By Henry George Fischer
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

The Mycenaeans (pp. 375–376)
By William Taylour
Reviewed by George E. Mylonas

La necropole de Ktima (pp. 376–377)
By Jean Deshayes
Reviewed by Porphyrios Dikaios

Cypriot Bronzework in the Mycenaean World (pp. 377–378)
By H.W. Catling
Reviewed by John H. Young

Aesthetic Aspects of Ancient Art (pp. 378–379)
By Robert L. Scranton
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

Ancient Leros (pp. 379–380)
By J.L. Benson
Reviewed by Charles K. Williams

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Copenhagen, Musée National, Fascicule 8 (pp. 380–381)
By K. Friis Johansen
Reviewed by Patricia Lawrence

Ritratti greci e romani della Sicilia (pp. 381–383)
By Nicola Bonacasa
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Inscriptions latines des trois Gaules (pp. 383–384)
By Pierre Wuilleumier
Reviewed by Robert E.A. Palmer

Essai sur le culte d’Isis à Pompéi (p. 384)
By V. Tran Tam Tinh
Reviewed by Wilhelmina F. Jashemski

Roman Art, a Modern Survey of the Art of Imperial Rome (pp. 384–385)
By George M.A. Hanfmann
Reviewed by Inez Scott Ryberg

Art in Britain under the Romans (pp. 385–386)
By J.M.C. Toynbee
Reviewed by Mary D. Cra’ster

Coins from Karanis. The University of Michigan Excavations 1924–1935 (p. 386)
By Rolfe A. Haatvedt, Enoch E. Peterson, and Elinor M. Husselman
Reviewed by Joan M. Fagerlie

Natural Environment and Early Cultures (pp. 386–387)
By Robert C. West
Reviewed by Betty J. Meggers