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October–December 1910 (14.4)

Volume 14 (1910) Index

First Preliminary Report on the American Excavations at Sardes in Asia Minor (pp. 401–413)
Howard Crosby Butler

Greek and Latin Inscriptions at Sardes (pp. 414–416)
David M. Robinson

Experiments with Mycenaean Glaze (pp. 417–421)
Oliver S. Tonks

A Panathenaic Amphora with the Archons Name Asteius (pp. 422–425)
David M. Robinson

Note on the Inscription A.J.A. XIV, 1910, p. 66 (pp. 426–427)

Architecture on Attic Vases (pp. 428–433)
F.B. Tarbell

Recently Published Measurements of the Pisa Cathedral (pp. 434–449)
William H. Goodyear

Further Notes on Justus van Ghent (pp. 450–458)
Morton H. Bernath

The Choragic Monument of Nicias (pp. 459–484)
W.B. Dinsmoor

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 485–540)
William N. Bates