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July 1989 (93.3)


Monumenta virum priorum (pp. 315–318)
Fred S. Kleiner


The Longboat and Society in the Cyclades in the Keros-Syros Culture (pp. 319–337)
Cyprian Broodbank

The Swallows and Artists of Room Delta 2 at Akrotiri, Thera (pp. 339–354)
Mary B. Hollinshead

The Chests of Periander (pp. 355–378)
Jane Burr Carter

Five Lydian Felines (pp. 379–393)
Christopher Ratté

The Decorated Pavements of Morgantina I: The Mosaics (pp. 395–416)
Barbara Tsakirgis

Laocoon Rerestored (pp. 417–422)
Seymour Howard

Etruscan Inscriptions from a 1637 Autograph of Fabio Chigi (pp. 423–428)
Ingrid D. Rowland


The First Joint Archaeological Congress: The Plenary Session Papers

Introduction (p. 429)
Martha Sharp Joukowsky

Archaeography, Archaeology, or Archeology? (pp. 429–435)
James Deetz

Archaeology Today: From the Classroom to the Field and Elsewhere (pp. 437–444)
James R. Wiseman

The Backward-Looking Curiosity: A Glance at Archaeology in the Year of Our Lord 1989 (pp. 445–449)
Brian M. Fagan

The Future of Archaeology: Dreamtime, Crystal Balls, and Reality (pp. 451–458)
Hester A. Davis


Leon Pomerance, 1907–1988 (pp. 459–460)
Joseph W. Shaw

Book Reviews

Systèmes experts et sciences humaines. Le cas de L’archéologie (pp. 461–462)
By J.-C. Gardin, O. Guillaume, P.-Q. Herman, A. Hesnard, M.-S. Lagrange, M. Renaud, and E. Zadora-Rio
Reviewed by Michael Fotiadis

Death, Decay and Reconstruction. Approaches to Archaeology and Forensic Science (p. 462)
By A. Boddington, A.N. Garland, and R.C. Janaway
Reviewed by Terence O'Connor

The Evolution of Human Hunting (pp. 462–464)
By Matthew H. Nitecki and Doris V. Nitecki
Reviewed by Pamela R. Willoughby

European Wetlands in Prehistory (pp. 464–465)
By John M. Coles and Andrew J. Lawson
Reviewed by Robert H. Bewley

The Late Neolithic of the Tisza Region: A Survey of Recent Excavations and Their Findings (p. 465)
By Pál Raczky
Reviewed by John M. O’Shea

Lithic Analysis and Later British Prehistory (pp. 465–466)
By A.G. Brown and M.R. Edmonds
Reviewed by J. Peter White

Archaeology and Language. The Puzzle of Indo-European Origins (pp. 466–467)
By Colin Renfrew
Reviewed by Susan Nacev Skomal

Les grandes figures religieuses: Fonctionnement pratique et symbolique dans l’antiquité, Besançon 25–26 avril 1984 (pp. 467–468)
By P. Lévêque and M.-M. Mactoux
Reviewed by Susan Guettel Cole

Le système palatial en Orient, en Grèce et à Rome. Actes du colloque de Strasbourg 19–22 juin 1985 (pp. 468–470)
By E. Lévy
Reviewed by John Bennet

The History and Culture of Ancient Western Asia and Egypt (pp. 470–471)
By A. Bernard Knapp
Reviewed by Benjamin R. Foster

Une civilisation protohistorique du sud du Portugal (1ER age du fer) (p. 471)
By C.M. de Mello Beirão
Reviewed by R.J. Harrison

Este I. Le necropoli Casa di Ricovero, Casa Muletti Prosdocimi e Casa Alfonsi (p. 472)
By Anna Maria Chieco Bianchi and Loredana Calzavara Capuis
Reviewed by David Ridgway

Studi sulla ceramica laconica: Atti del seminario, Perugia, 23–24 febbraio 1981 (pp. 472–476)
By Fernanda Pompili
Reviewed by Jane Burr Carter

Archaische Bronzeplastik Lakoniens (pp. 472–476)
By Marlene Herfort-Koch
Reviewed by Jane Burr Carter

Laconian Iconography of the Sixth Century B.C. (pp. 472–476)
By Maria Pipili
Reviewed by Jane Burr Carter

The Extramural Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, Libya, Final Reports II (pp. 476–477)
By Donald White
Reviewed by Susan B. Matheson

The East Greek, Island, and Laconian Pottery (pp. 476–477)
By Gerald P. Schaus
Reviewed by Susan B. Matheson

The Extramural Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, Libya, Final Reports III (pp. 476–477)
By Donald White, Steven Lowenstam, Mary B. Moore, Philip M. Kenrick, and Tamsen Fuller
Reviewed by Susan B. Matheson

Fouilles de Delphes II. Topographie et architecture. Le Trésor de Siphnos (pp. 477–478)
By Georges Daux and Erik Hansen
Reviewed by William R. Biers

Oikos e ktisis. La casa greca in età classica (pp. 478–479)
By Fabrizio Pesando
Reviewed by Michael H. Jameson

Sardis: Twenty-Seven Years of Discovery. Papers Presented at a Symposium Sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America, Chicago Society, and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, March 21, 1987 (pp. 479–480)
By Eleanor Guralnick
Reviewed by Robert L. Pounder

The Civilisation of Western Anatolia (pp. 479–480)
By Ilhan Akşit
Reviewed by Robert L. Pounder

Mediterranean Cities: Historical Perspectives (pp. 480–481)
By Irad Malkin and Robert L. Hohlfelder
Reviewed by G.E. Rickman

L’Urbs: espace urbain et histoire Ier siècle av. J.-C.–IIIe siècle ap. J.-C.). Actes du colloque international organisé par le Centre national de la recherche scientifique et l’École française de Rome (Rome, 8–12 mai 1985) (pp. 481–482)
Reviewed by Robert E.A. Palmer

The Great Trajanic Frieze: The Study of a Monument and of the Mechanisms of Message Transmission in Roman Art (pp. 482–483)
By Anne-Marie Leander Touati
Reviewed by Richard A. Gergel

Roman Imperial Funerary Altars with Portraits (pp. 483–484)
By Diana E.E. Kleiner
Reviewed by Natalie Boymel Kampen

Britannia: A History of Roman Britain (pp. 484–485)
By Sheppard Frere
Reviewed by R. Leon Fitts

Implantation rurale antique sur le Bas-Guadalquivir III (pp. 485–486)
By Michel Ponsich
Reviewed by Robert Knapp

Ghirza. A Libyan Settlement in the Roman Period (pp. 486–487)
By Olwen Brogan and D.J. Smith
Reviewed by Donald White

Le monnayage des duovirs corinthiens by Michel Amandry; The Roman Coins of Alexandria. Quantitative Studies I–II. Nero, Trajan, Septimius Severus (pp. 487–489)
By Erik Christiansen
Reviewed by William E. Metcalf

Hagia Sophia: Architecture, Structure and Liturgy of Justinian’s Great Church (pp. 489–490)
By Rowland J. Mainstone
Reviewed by Robert Mark

Ceramic Industries of Medieval Nubia: Memoirs of the UNESCO Archaeological Survey of Sudanese Nubia I (pp. 490–491)
By William Yewdale Adams
Reviewed by Sheila McNally

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 491–494)