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January 1996 (100.1)


The American Journal of Archaeology and the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 1–4)
Fred S. Kleiner

Field Report

Archaeological Research at Aphrodisias in Caria, 1994 (pp. 5–33)
R.R.R. Smith and Christopher Ratté


Aegean Breechcloths, Kilts, and the Keftiu Paintings (pp. 35–51)
Paul Rehak

Parthenon and Parthenoi: A Mythological Interpretation of the Parthenon Frieze (pp. 53–80)
Joan B. Connelly

Parthenon East Metope XI: Herakles and the Gigantomachy (pp. 81–90)
Katherine A. Schwab

The Muscle Cuirass in Etruria and Southern Italy: Votive Bronzes (pp. 91–120)
Emeline Hill Richardson

The Comitium in Rome from the Beginning (pp. 121–136)
Albert J. Ammerman

Contignatio, Vitruvius, and the Campanian Builder (pp. 137–151)
Roger B. Ulrich


Virginia Randolph Grace, 1901–1994 (pp. 153–155)
Carolyn G. Koehler

Massimo Pallottino, 1909–1995 (pp. 157–159)
Larissa Bonfante

Review Articles

Seals and Sealing Practices: The Ancient Near East and Bronze Age Aegean (pp. 161–165)
John G. Younger

Survey and Greek Society (pp. 165–169)
Robin Osborne

Etruscomania and Etruscosense (pp. 170–173)
Nigel Spivey

Book Reviews

Archaeological Views from the Countryside: Village Communities in Early Complex Societies (p. 174)
Edited by Glenn M. Schwartz and Steven E. Falconer
Reviewed by Benjamin R. Foster

The Archaeology of Society in the Holy Land (pp. 174–176)
Edited by Thomas E. Levy
Reviewed by Steven E. Falconer

Ancient Mesopotamian Materials and Industries (pp. 176–177)
By P.R.S. Moorey
Reviewed by D.T. Potts

Uruk: Hellenistic Seal Impressions in the Yale Babylonian Collection I: Cuneiform Tablets (pp. 177–178)
By Ronald Wallenfels
Reviewed by Mark B. Garrison

Beyond the Site: Regional Studies in the Aegean Area (pp. 178–179)
Edited by P. Nick Kardulias
Reviewed by Malcolm Wagstaff

Skoteini, Tharrounia: The Cave, the Settlement and the Cemetery (pp. 179–180)
By Adamantios Sampson
Reviewed by Paul Halstead

Die Schwerter in Griechenland (Außerhalb der Peloponnes), Bulgarien und Albanien (pp. 180–181)
By Imma Kilian-Dirlmeier
Reviewed by A.M. Snodgrass

Cyprus in the 11th Century B.C. Proceedings of the International Symposium Held at Nicosia, 30–31 October 1993 (pp. 181–182)
Edited by V. Karageorghis
Reviewed by J.D. Muhly

Origins of the Bronze Age Civilization in Central Asia (pp. 182–183)
By Fredrik Talmage Hiebert
Reviewed by Charles C. Kolb

Du masque au visage: Aspects de l’identité en Grèce ancienne (pp. 183–184)
By Françoise Frontisi-Ducroux
Reviewed by Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood

The Getty Kouros Colloquium: Athens, 25–27 May 1992 (p. 185)
Reviewed by Christopher Chippindale

Beobachtungen zum formalen Aufbau und zum Sinngehalt der Friese des Siphnierschatzhauses (p. 186)
By Vinzenz Brinckmann
Reviewed by Mary B. Moore

Der spätarchaische Tempel der Aphaia auf Aegina (pp. 187–188)
By Hansgeorg Bankel
Reviewed by Nancy L. Klein

The Entrance to the Athenian Acropolis before Mnesicles (pp. 188–189)
By Harrison Eiteljorg II
Reviewed by Tasos Tanoulas

The Parthenon Frieze (pp. 189–190)
By Ian Jenkins
Reviewed by Ira S. Mark

The Diffusion of Classical Art in Antiquity (pp. 190–191)
By John Boardman
Reviewed by J.J. Pollitt

The Coinage of Mesambria 1: Silver and Gold Coinage of Mesambria (pp. 191–192)
By Ivan Karayotov
Reviewed by Elena Stolyarik

Le urne cinerarie di età ellenistca (p. 192)
By Maurizio Sannibale
Reviewed by Jocelyn Penny Small

An Iron Age and Roman Republican Settlement on Botromagno, Gravina di Puglia. Excavations of 1965–1974, I: The Site, II: The Artifacts (p. 193)
Edited by Alistair M. Small
Reviewed by Duane W. Roller

The Temple of Castor and Pollux 1: The Pre-Augustan Temple Phases with Related Decorative Elements (pp. 193–194)
Edited by Inge Nielsen and Birte Poulsen
Reviewed by Roger B. Ulrich

Ancient Churches Revealed (pp. 194–195)
Edited by Yoram Tsafrir
Reviewed by Joan R. Branham

Fouilles de Sétif (1977–1984) (pp. 195–196)
By A. Mohamedi, A. Benmansour, A.A. Amamara, and E. Fentress
Reviewed by Henry Hurst

Book Notes

Chronicle of the Pharaohs: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers and Dynasties of Ancient Egypt (pp. 196–197)
By Peter A. Clayton
Reviewed by Eric H. Cline

Trade, Contact, and the Movement of Peoples in the Eastern Mediterranean. Studies in Honour of J. Basil Hennessy (p. 197)
Edited by Stephen Bourke and Jean-Charles Descoeudres
Reviewed by William G. Dever

Aegean Archaeology 1 (pp. 197–198)
Reviewed by John F. Cherry

Roman Building: Materials and Techniques (p. 198)
By Jean-Pierre Adam and Anthony Mathews
Reviewed by Larry F. Ball

Les lois des bâtiments: Voisinage et habitat urbain dans l’empire romain. Recherches sur les rapports entre le droit et la construction privée du siècle d’Auguste au siècle de Justinien (pp. 198–199)
By Catherine Saliou
Reviewed by Susan D. Martin

A Guide to the Description of Architectural Drawings (p. 199)
By Vicki Porter and Robin Thornes
Reviewed by Harrison Eiteljorg II

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 200–204)