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January 1960 (64.1)


The Mycenaeans in Achaia (pp. 1–21)
Emily Townsend Vermeule

Inscriptions on Armor and the Supply of Arms in the Roman Empire (pp. 23–40)
Ramsay MacMullen

Two Fortunae, Antium and Praeneste (pp. 41–47)
Otto J. Brendel

A Sepulchral Stele from Sardis (pp. 49–52)
George M.A. Hanfmann and Kemal Ziya Polatkan

The Inscription of the Sepulchral Stele from Sardis (pp. 53–56)
Louis Robert

Archaeology in Asia Minor (pp. 57–69)
Machteld J. Mellink

Archaeological Notes

A Pithos Burial from Aigaleos (p. 71)
Eva Brann

An Early Protoattic Amphora (pp. 71–72)
Eva Brann

Draw Pieces as Aids to Correct Firing (pp. 72–75)
Marie Farnsworth

A Roman Cinerary Urn at Bowdoin College (pp. 76–78)
Kevin Herbert

Morgantina: Hellenistic Medicine Bottles (pp. 78–83)
Erik Sjöqvist


Walter Hauser (p. 85)
Charles K. Wilkinson

Book Reviews

History Unearthed (p. 87)
By Leonard Woolley
Reviewed by Ruth I. Hicks

Hebrew Inscriptions and Stamps from Gibeon (p. 87)
By James B. Pritchard
Reviewed by Ray L. Cleveland

Mémoires de Philologie Mycénienne, Première Série (pp. 87–88)
By Michel Lejeune
Reviewed by Emily Vermeule

The Olive Oil Tablets of Pylos: Texts of Inscriptions Found, 1955 (pp. 88–89)
By Emmett L. Bennett
Reviewed by James W. Poultney

Mirmeki, Wykopaliska Odcinka Polskiego w R. 1956 (p. 89)
By Kazimierz Michalowski, H. Jȩdrzejewska, A. Sadurska, A. Szemiothowa, W. Terlecki, Z. Tomaszewski, and V.I. Zalkin
Reviewed by Marija Gimbutas

Der Heratempel von Samos: der Bau seit der Zeit des Polykrates (pp. 89–95)
By O. Reuther
Reviewed by F.E. Winter

Mnesicles (pp. 95–96)
By J.A. Bundgaard
Reviewed by Richard Stillwell

Studien zu den griechischen Reliefpithoi des 8.–6. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. aus Kreta, Rhodos, Tenos und Boiotien (pp. 96–97)
By Jörg Schäfer
Reviewed by John Boardman

Der Satrapen-Sarkophag aus Sidon (pp. 97–98)
By Ilse Kleemann
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Venus de Milo, the Spinner: The Link between a Famous Art Mystery and Ancient Fertility Symbols (pp. 98–99)
By Elmer G. Suhr
Reviewed by Dericksen M. Brinkerhoff

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Germany Fasc. 13, Mannheim, Reiss-Museum Fasc. I (pp. 99–100)
By Adolf Greifenhagen
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 25 (1957). American Academy in Rome, 1957 (pp. 100–103)
Reviewed by G. Roger Edwards

Varia Epigraphica (p. 103)
By Günther Klaffenbach
Reviewed by Colin N. Edmonson

Boeotian and West Greek Tombstones (pp. 103–104)
By P.M. Fraser and T. Rönne
Reviewed by Douglas Feaver

La lega Tessala fino ad Alessandro Magno (pp. 104–106)
By Marta Sordi
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

Rhégion et Zancle. Histoire, commerce et civilisation des cités chalcidiennes du détroit de Messine (pp. 106–107)
By G. Vallet
Reviewed by Carl Roebuck

Recherches sur L’histoire et les cultes de Thasos, II. De 196 avant J.-C. jusqu’à la fin de l’antiquitè (pp. 107–108)
By Christianne Dunant and Jean Pouilloux
Reviewed by James H. Oliver

Spina (pp. 108–109)
By Nereo Alfieri and Paolo Enrico Arias
Reviewed by Elizabeth Hazelton Haight

The Etruscans (pp. 109–110)
By Raymond Bloch
Reviewed by Emeline Hill Richardson

The Athenian Agora, V. Pottery of the Roman Period: Chronology (p. 110)
By Henry S. Robinson
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Ein römisches Meisterwerk; der Jahreszeiten-sarkophag Badminton-New York (pp. 110–112)
By Friedrich Matz
Reviewed by Marion Lawrence

Acta Congressus Madvigiani Vol. III (pp. 112–113)
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

Die römischen Mosaiken in Deutschland (pp. 113–114)
By Klaus Parlasca
Reviewed by Marion E. Blake

Manuel d’archéologie gallo-romaine. III. L’architecture (pp. 114–115)
By Albert Grenier
Reviewed by Marcel Amand

Frühes Christentum in Österreich, von den Anfängen bis um 600 nach Chr. (p. 115)
By Rudolph Noll
Reviewed by Josephine M. Harris

Architectural Symbolism of Imperial Rome and the Middle Ages (pp. 115–118)
By E. Baldwin Smith
Reviewed by Phillipe Verdier

Jahrbuch für Antike und Christentum (pp. 118–119)
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

Excavations at La Venta, Tabasco, 1955 (pp. 119–120)
By Philip Drucker, Robert F. Heizer, and Robert J. Squier
Reviewed by Michael D. Coe

Preliminary Archaeological Investigations in the Sierra de Tamaulipas, Mexico (pp. 120–122)
By Richard S. MacNeish
Reviewed by H.B. Nicholson

Eskimo Prehistory in the Vicinity of Point Barrow, Alaska (pp. 122–123)
By James A. Ford
Reviewed by Chester S. Chard

Migrations in New World Culture History (p. 123)
By Raymond H. Thompson
Reviewed by Douglas W. Schwartz

Modern Yucatecan Maya Pottery Making (pp. 123–124)
By Raymond H. Thompson
Reviewed by Robert W. Ehrich