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July–September 1949 (53.3)

The New Excavations at Marseilles (pp. 237–240)
Fernand Benoit

Eight Pieces of Pottery (pp. 241–248)
Franklin P. Johnson

The Claudian Letter I (pp. 249–257)
Revilo P. Oliver

A Roman Head in Rochester (pp. 258–260)
Elmer G. Suhr

Notes and Discussions

On the Enclosure Walls of El Kab (pp. 261–262)
Anthony Kriesis

On Corinthian Terracotta Sculpture (pp. 262–266)
Saul S. Weinberg

The Xanthippos Ostracon (pp. 266–268)
Eugene Schweigert

Records of a Roman Bath in Upper Egypt (pp. 268–270)
Herbert C. Youtie

Note on an Amulet in Vienna (pp. 270–272)
Campbell Bonner

The Problem of Zoroaster (pp. 272–285)
Arthur Darby Nock

Archaeological News (pp. 286–301)
Frederick Johnson

Archaeological Digest (pp. 302–313)
C. Bradford Welles

Book Reviews

Corpus of Ancient Near Eastern Seals in North American Collections. Vol. I. The Collection of the Pierpont Morgan Library (pp. 314–316)
By Edith Porada
Reviewed by Ann L. Perkins

Ancient Egyptian Religion; An Interpretation (pp. 316–320)
By H. Frankfort
Reviewed by Walter Federn

Ugaritic Mythology (pp. 320–321)
By Julian Obermann
Reviewed by G. Douglas Young

Le Fronton Sculpté Grèce des Origines à la Fin du IVe Siecle (pp. 321–322)
By Etienne Lapalus
Reviewed by F.P. Johnson

The Calendars of Athens (pp. 322–323)
By W. Kendrick Pritchett and O. Neugebauer
Reviewed by A.G. Woodhead

Michigan Papyri, Vol. vii. Latin Papyri in the University of Michigan Collection (pp. 323–325)
By Henry A. Sanders
Reviewed by A.E. Gordon

Ancient Roman Construction in Italy from the Prehistoric Period to Augustus (pp. 325–327)
By Marion Elizabeth Blake
Reviewed by Agnes Kirsopp Michels                     

Der Bäderbezirk von Virunum (pp. 327–328)
By C. Praschniker and H. Kenner
Reviewed by F.O. Waagé

Camulodunum, First Report on the Excavations at Colchester, 1930–1938 (pp. 328–331)
By C.F.C. Hawkes and M.R. Hull
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Early Arabic Glass Weights and Stamps (pp. 331–332)
By George C. Miles
Reviewed by Florence E. Day

Codex Hall, an Ancient Mexican Hieroglyphic Picture Manuscript (pp. 332–333)
By Charles E. Dibble and Louie H. Ewing
Reviewed by George Kubler

Handbook of South American Indians. Volume 3, The Tropical Forest Tribes; Handbook of South American Indians. Volume 4, The Circum-Caribbean Tribes (pp. 333–335)
By Julian H. Steward
Reviewed by Gordon R. Willey

Byzantium. An Introduction to East Roman Civilization (pp. 335–336)
By Norman H. Baynes and H. St. L.B. Moss
Reviewed by Solomon Katz

Hellenic History (p. 336)
By G.W. Botsford and C.A. Robinson
Reviewed by D.A. Amyx