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January 1988 (92.1)

Field Report

The Bronze Age Shipwreck at Ulu Burun, Turkey: 1985 Campaign (pp. 1–37)
Cemal Pulak


Agriculture in the Prehistoric Aegean: Data versus Speculation (pp. 39–52)
Julie M. Hansen

Geometric Pottery from Volimidia (pp. 53–74)
William D.E. Coulson

Hymettiana II: An Ancient Quarry on Mt. Hymettos (pp. 75–83)
Merle K. Langdon

A Myth for a Smith: A Meleager Sarcophagus from a Tomb in Ostia (pp. 85–99)
Eve D’Ambra


Archaeology in Anatolia (pp. 101–131)
Machteld J. Mellink

Book Reviews

Zur Theoriediskussion in der prähistorischen Archäologie Großbritanniens. Ein forschungsgeschichtlicher Überblick über die Jahre 1968–1982 (p. 133)
By Sabine Wolfram
Reviewed by Willem J.H. Willems

The Forms of Violence: Narrative in Assyrian Art and Modern Culture (pp. 133–136)
By Leo Bersani and Ulysse Dutoit
Reviewed by Whitney Davis

Nabatean Archaeology Today (pp. 136–137)
By Avraham Negev
Reviewed by Duane W. Roller

Town, Palace and House Cult in Minoan Crete (pp. 137–138)
By Geraldine Cornelia Gesell
Reviewed by John Bennet

Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) III (pp. 138–139)
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Dionysian Imagery in Archaic Greek Art: Its Development in Black-Figure Vase Painting (pp. 139–140)
By T.H. Carpenter
Reviewed by Sheila McNally

Société Archéologique de Montpellier. Catalogue des collections II. Céramique attique et apparentée (pp. 140–142)
By Annie-France Laurens
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Untersuchungen zur Kulturpolitik der pergamenischen Herrscher im dritten Jahrhundert vor Christus (pp. 142–143)
By Hans-Joachim Schalles
Reviewed by E.E. Rice

Bibliotheca Etrusca: Fonti letterarie e figurative fra XVIII e XIX secolo nella Biblioteca dell’Istituto Nazionale di Archeologia e Storia dellArte (pp. 143–145)
By Maria Giovanna Rak
Reviewed by Richard Daniel de Puma

La Villa dei Papiri ad Ercolano: Contributo alla ricostruzione dell’ideologia della nobilitas tardorepubblicana (pp. 145–146)
By Maria Rita Wojcik
Reviewed by Eleanor Winsor Leach

Münzprägung und Münzbildnis des Claudius (pp. 146–147)
By Hans-Markus von Kaenel
Reviewed by Fred S. Kleiner

The Architecture of the Roman Empire, Vol. 2 (pp. 147–149)
By William L. MacDonald
Reviewed by James E. Packer

Caesarea de Maurétanie. Une ville romaine et ses campagnes (pp. 149–151)
By Philippe Leveau
Reviewed by R. Bruce Hitchner

Bolsena V: La Maison aux Salles Souterraines, Fasc. 2: Décors picturaux (murs, plafonds, voûtes) (p. 151)
By Alix Barbet
Reviewed by Barbara Tsakirgis

The Temple of Sulis Minerva at Bath, Vol. I, Pts. 1–2: The Site (p. 152)
By Barry Cunliffe and Peter Davenport
Reviewed by T.W. Potter

The Archaeology of Slavery and Plantation Life (pp. 153–155)
By Theresa A. Singleton
Reviewed by J. Theodore Peña and Elizabeth S. Peña

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 155–158)