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July–September 1938 (42.3)

Archaeological Notes

The Megiddo Ivories (pp. 333–336)
John A. Wilson

An Archaic Greek Mirror (pp. 337–344)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Red-Figured Pottery at Chicago (pp. 345–361)
Franklin P. Johnson

Excavations at Corinth, Autumn 1937 (pp. 362–370)
Charles H. Morgan, II

The Venus Genetrix of Arcesilaus (pp. 371–374)
G.W. Elderkin

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 375–423)
Stephen B. Luce, Elizabeth Pierce Blegen, and A.W. van Buren

Book Reviews

The Texts in the Mastabah of Se’n-Wosret-‘ankh at Lisht (pp. 424–425)
By William C. Hayes
Reviewed by T. George Allen

Glazed Tiles from a Palace of Ramesses II at Kantīr (p. 425)
By William C. Hayes
Reviewed by C.R. Williams

Atlas zur altaegyptischen Kulturgeschichte, Teil III. Graeber des Alten Reiches (pp. 425–426)
By Walter Wreszinski and Heinrich Schaefer
Reviewed by Hermann Ranke

Kretische Kunst (pp. 426–427)
By G.A.S. Snijder
Reviewed by Edith Eccles

Prosymna (pp. 427–428)
By Carl W. Blegen
Reviewed by Hetty Goldman

Die Nordische Megalithkulter. Handbuch Der Urgeschichte Deutschlands (pp. 428–429)
By Ernst Sprockhoff
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Attic Black-Figured Lekythoi (pp. 429–430)
By C.H. Emilie Haspels
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Profiles of Greek Mouldings (pp. 430–432)
By Lucy T. Shoe
Reviewed by Richard Stillwell

The Periclean Entrance Court of the Acropolis at Athens (pp. 432–433)
By Gorham Phillips Stevens
Reviewed by Richard Stillwell

The Praxiteles Marble Group in Olympia (pp. 433–435)
By Oscar Antonsson
Reviewed by Mary Wallace

Jupiter Héliopolitain, Nova et Vetera, Notes et Études d'Archéologie Orientale (pp. 435–436)
By S. Ronzevalle
Reviewed by Francis R. Walton

A Brigetioi Terra Sigilláták (pp. 436–437)
By Georgine Juhász
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

A Gázgyári Római Fasenkastelep Aquincumban (p. 437)
By Valentin Kuzsinszky
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

A Festival of Isis in Rome under the Christian Emperors of the IVth Century (pp. 437–438)
By András Alföldi
Reviewed by Thomas A. Brady

Corpus Basilicarum Christianarum Romae; The Early Christian Basilicas of Rome (IV–IX Century), Vol. I, No. I (pp. 438–439)
By Richard Krautheimer
Reviewed by Dimitrios Tselos