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July–September 1903 (7.3)

The Cave at Vari. I. Description, Account of Excavation, and History (pp. 263–288)
Charles Heald Weller

The Cave at Vari. II. Inscriptions (pp. 289–300)
Maurice Edwards Dunham

The Cave at Vari. III. Marble Reliefs (pp. 301–319)
Ida Carleton Thallon

The Cave at Vari. IV. Vases, Terra-Cotta Statuettes, Bronzes, and Miscellaneous Objects (pp. 320–334)
Lida Shaw King

The Cave at Vari. V. Coins (pp. 335–337)
Agnes Baldwin

The Cave at Vari. VI. The Terra-Cotta Lamps (pp. 338–349)
Samuel Eliot Bassett

Excavations at Corinth: 1903 (p. 350)

The Founding of the School at Athens (pp. 351–356)
Charles Eliot Norton

Archaeological News (pp. 357–404)
James M. Paton