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January 1962 (66.1)


A “Hittite” Priest from Ephesus (pp. 1–4)
George M.A. Hanfmann

Glass from Sardis (pp. 5–12)
Axel von Saldern

Egyptian Composite Bows in New York (pp. 13–19)
Wallace E. McLeod

The Ma Tablets from Pylos (pp. 21–41)
William F. Wyatt, Jr.

Herodotos and the Themistokles Decree (pp. 43–47)
W. Kendrick Pritchett

An Archaeological-Topographical Study of the Tolfa-Allumiere District: Preliminary Report (pp. 49–55)
Mario A. del Chiaro

The Long-Beaked Bronze Jug in Greek Lands (pp. 57–63)
Dorothy Kent Hill

A Provincial Statue of the Egyptian Sixth Dynasty (pp. 65–69)
Henry G. Fischer

Archaeology in Asia Minor (pp. 71–85)
Machteld J. Mellink

Archaeological Notes

Bactrian Nickel and Chinese Bamboo (pp. 87–92)
C.M. Schwitter and C.F. Cheng

On the Renewed Attempt to Revive the “Bactrian Nickel Theory” (pp. 92–94)
Schuyler Cammann


Tatiana Warsher (pp. 95–96)
Lawrence Richardson, Jr. and C. Bradford Welles

Book Reviews

Neolithic Cultures of North Africa (p. 97)
By James L. Forde-Johnston
Reviewed by Arthur J. Jelinek

Corinth. Results of Excavations Conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Vol. 1, Part 5; The Southeast Building, The Twin Basilicas, The Mosaic House (pp. 97–98)
By Saul S. Weinberg
Reviewed by Marion E. Blake

Scavi di Spina, I. La necropoli di Spina in Valle Trebba, I (pp. 98–99)
By Salvatore Aurigemma
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

Der Dareiosmaler und sein Umkreis. Untersuchungen zur spätapulischen Vasenmalerei (p. 99)
By Margot Schmidt
Reviewed by Alexander Cambitoglou

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Austria fasc. 2, Wien, Kunsthistorisches Museum fasc. 2 (p. 100)
By Fritz Eichler
Reviewed by Dietrich von Boothmer                                                

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (pp. 100–101)
By Frank Brommer
Reviewed by G. Roger Edwards

Études thasiennes, vii: La céramique grecque (fouilles 1911–1956) (pp. 101–102)
By Lilly Ghali-Kahil
Reviewed by D.A. Amyx

Antike Vasen, Eine Auswahl aus den Beständen des Badischen Landesmuseums, Bildhefte des Badischen Landesmuseums Karlsruhe, by Rudolf Schnellbach and Friedrich Barscha; Antike Terrakotten, Eine Auswahl aus den Beständen des Badischen Landesmuseums Karlsruhe, by Rudolf Schnellbach and Jürgen Thimme (p. 102)
Reviewed by Frances Follin Jones

Altsamische Standbilder IV (1960), V (1961) (pp. 102–103)
By Ernst Buschor
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Griechische Weihreliefs (pp. 103–104)
By Ulrich Hausmann
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Il ripristino del Laocoonte (p. 105)
By Filippo Magi
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Centennial Publication of the American Numismatic Society (pp. 106–108)
By Harald Ingholt
Reviewed by Paul A. Clement

Das Bildnis des Philetairos von Pergamon. Corpus der Münzprägung (p. 108)
By Ulla Westermark
Reviewed by Margaret Thompson

Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The Burton Y. Berry Collection. Part I, Macedonia to Attica (pp. 108–109)
Reviewed by Alfred R. Bellinger

Coins from the Excavations at Curium, 1932–1953 (pp. 109–110)
By D.H. Cox
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

Meisterwerke Griechischer Kunst (p. 110)
By Karl Schefold
Reviewed by Jacqueline Dawson Chittenden

Ancient Art from New York Private Collections. Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, December 17, 1959–February 28, 1960 (pp. 110–111)
By Dietrich von Bothmer
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

A Catalogue of Cyrenaican Portrait Sculpture (pp. 111–113)
By Elisabeth Rosenbaum
Reviewed by Helga von Heintze

L’altorilievo di Afrodite a Cirene (pp. 113–114)
By Gustavo Traversari
Reviewed by Dericksen M. Brinkerhoff

Die Sigillata von Veldidena (p. 114)
By Paul Karnitsch
Reviewed by Howard Comfort                                                  

The Voting Districts of the Roman Republic (pp. 114–115)
By Lily Ross Taylor
Reviewed by James H. Oliver

Die Statthalter der Roemischen Provinzen Nordafrikas von Augustus bis Diocletianus (p. 116)
By Bengt E. Thomasson
Reviewed by Richard M. Haywood

Manuel d’archéologie gallo-romaine, IV, Les monuments des eaux (pp. 116–117)
By Albert Grenier
Reviewed by Marcel Amand

Römische Religionsgeschichte (pp. 117–119)
By Kurt Latte
Reviewed by Louise Adams Holland

Genio populi romani (295–316). Contribution à une histoire numismatique de la Tétrarchie (pp. 119–120)
By Jean-Pierre Callu
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

A History of Antioch in Syria from Seleucus to the Arab Conquest (p. 120)
By Glanville Downey
Reviewed by Chester G. Starr

Classical Inspiration in Medieval Art (pp. 120–124)
By Walter Oakeshott
Reviewed by Marion Lawrence

Römische Funde (p. 124)
By Hans von Hülsen
Reviewed by Katharine Shepard

The Buddhist Art of Gandhara. The Story of the Early School: Its Birth, Growth and Decline (pp. 124–125)
By John Marshall
Reviewed by Benjamin Rowland

Prehistoric Agriculture at Point of Pines, Arizona (pp. 125–127)
By Richard B. Woodbury
Reviewed by Jesse D. Jennings


Erratum (p. 127)