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October 1957 (61.4)

Volume Index

Volume 61 (1957) Index (Open Access)


Gordion 1956: Preliminary Report (pp. 319–331)
Rodney S. Young

Oriental Elements in the Hallstatt Culture (pp. 333–339)
Clark Hopkins

Sophokles, Mikon and the Argonauts (pp. 341–350)
Thalia Phillies Howe

Nickel in Ancient Bronzes (pp. 351–365)
C.F. Cheng and C.M. Schwitter

IG II² 43 and Jason of Pherae (pp. 367–373)
A.G. Woodhead

News Letter from Rome (pp. 375–386)
A.W. van Buren

Book Reviews

Radiocarbon Dating (p. 387)
By Willard F. Libby
Reviewed by William Kelly Simpson

Libyca: Anthropologie-Archéologie Préhistoriques, Tome I (pp. 387–388)
Reviewed by Bruce Howe

Die Jungfernhöhle bei Tiefenellern (pp. 388–389)
By Otto Kunkel
Reviewed by Olaf Prufer

Pleistocene Studies in the Malaprabha Basin (p. 389)
By R.V. Joshi
Reviewed by Olaf Prufer

Neue Denkmäler antiker Toreutik (pp. 389–392)
By Bedřich Svoboda and Dimiter Cončev
Reviewed by Herbert Hoffmann

Phrygische Kunst (pp. 392–395)
By Ekrem Akurgal
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Alalakh: An Account of the Excavations at Tell Atchana in the Hatay, 1937–1949 (pp. 395–400)
By Leonard Woolley
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Griechische Greifenkessel (pp. 400–402)
By Ulf Jantzen
Reviewed by J.L. Benson

Le Trésor de Cyrène (pp. 402–411)
By Jean Bousquet
Reviewed by William Bell Dinsmoor

Die verzierte Sigillata von Lauriacum (Lorch-Enns) (pp. 411–412)
By Paul Karnitsch
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Catalogue du Musée Alaoui. Nouvelle Série (Collections Puniques), Vol. I (pp. 412–414)
By C. Gilbert Picard
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the New World (pp. 414–415)
By Gordon R. Willey
Reviewed by Catharine McClellan

A History of the Ancient Southwest (pp. 415–417)
By Harold S. Gladwin
Reviewed by Erik K. Reed