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A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
(pp. 1)
Open Access
Jane B. Carter


The Parthenon Treasury on the Acropolis of Athens
(pp. 3–35)
Jan Z. van Rookhuijzen

Gladiatorial and Beast-Fight Monuments from Mytilene
(pp. 73–103)
Michalis Karambinis

Mudbricks, Construction Methods, and Stratigraphic Analysis: A Case Study at Tell Timai (Ancient Thmuis) in the Egyptian Delta
(pp. 105–131)
Open Access
Marta Lorenzon, Jessica L. Nitschke, Robert J. Littman, Jay E. Silverstein

The Idiom of Urban Display: Architectural Relief Sculpture in the Late Roman Villa of Chiragan (Haute-Garonne)
(pp. 133–160)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Sarah E. Beckmann

Print Museum Reviews

The Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes: The Roman Empire, Rhetorical Archaeological Museums, and UNESCO’s World Heritage Program
(pp. 161–170)
Open Access
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Kimberly Cassibry

Book Reviews

Cities: The First 6,000 Years
Open Access
By Monica L. Smith
Reviewed by Nicola Terrenato

Les pratiques funéraires de l’Âge du Fer en Grèce du Nord: Ètude d’histoires régionales
Open Access
By Anne-Zahra Chemsseddoha
Reviewed by Elina M. Salminen

Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates. Vol. 6, A Zooarchaeological Analysis
Open Access
By Karyn M. Wesselingh
Reviewed by Emmanuelle Vila

The Hellenistic Harbour of Amathus: Underwater Excavations, 1984–1986. Vols. 1, 2
Open Access
Vol. 1 by Jean-Yves Empereur and Tony Koželj; Vol. 2 edited by Jean-Yves Empereur
Reviewed by Deborah N. Carlson

Open Access
Edited by Jacopo Tabolli
Reviewed by J. Marilyn Evans

Building Mid-Republican Rome: Labor, Architecture, and the Urban Economy
Open Access
By Seth Bernard
Reviewed by John North Hopkins

The Altars of Republican Rome and Latium: Sacrifice and the Materiality of Roman Religion
Open Access
By Claudia Moser
Reviewed by Lora Holland Goldthwaite

Reuse and Renovation in Roman Material Culture: Functions, Aesthetics, Interpretations
Open Access
Edited by Diana Y. Ng and Molly Swetnam-Burland
Reviewed by Maryl B. Gensheimer

The Brothel of Pompeii: Sex, Class, and Gender at the Margins of Roman Society
Open Access
By Sarah Levin-Richardson
Reviewed by John R. Clarke

The Domus del Ninfeo at Ostia (III, VI, 1–3): Structure, Function, and Social Context
Open Access
By Alessandra Batty
Reviewed by Margaret M. Andrews

Ostia Antica: Nouvelles études et recherches sur les quartiers occidentaux de la cité. Actes du colloque international Rome-Ostia Antica, 22–24 septembre 2014
Open Access
Edited by Claire De Ruyt, Thomas Morard, and Françoise van Haeperen
Reviewed by Margaret L. Laird

Gardens of the Roman Empire
Open Access
Edited by Wilhelmina F. Jashemski, Kathryn L. Gleason, Kim J. Hartswick, and Amina-Aïcha Malek
Reviewed by Nicole G. Brown

What’s New in Roman Greece? Recent Work on the Greek Mainland and the Islands in the Roman Period: Proceedings of a Conference Held in Athens, 8–10 October 2015
Open Access
Edited by Valentina Di Napoli, Francesco Camia, Vasilis Evangelidis, Dimitris Grigoropoulos, Dylan Rogers, and Stavros Vlizos
Reviewed by Michalis Karambinis

Urbanism and Empire in Roman Sicily
Open Access
By Laura Pfuntner
Reviewed by Jerrad Lancaster

Petra, The Mountain of Aaron: The Finnish Archaeological Project in Jordan. Vol. 2, The Nabataean Sanctuary and the Byzantine Monastery
Open Access
By Zbigniew T. Fiema, Jaakko Frösen, and Maija Holappa
Reviewed by S. Thomas Parker

God’s Library: The Archaeology of the Earliest Christian Manuscripts
Open Access
By Brent Nongbri
Reviewed by Steven M. Stannish

Books Received