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October–December 1941 (45.4)

Volume 45 (1941) Index (Open Access)

Archaeological Notes

Newly Discovered Cave Paintings in Southern France (pp. 509–512)
George Grant MacCurdy

Eightieth Birthday of Georg Steindorff (p. 513)
James Henry Breasted, Jr.

Old Kingdom Sculpture (pp. 514–528)
William Stevenson Smith

A Tragic Chorus on a Vase of 475 B.C. (pp. 529–536)
Margarete Bieber

Notes on Documents of the Roman East (pp. 537–543)
James H. Oliver

The Venetians in Athens and the Destruction of the Parthenon in 1687 (pp. 544–556)
Theodor E. Mommsen

The Site of Akropotamos and the Neolithic Period of Macedonia (pp. 557–576)
George E. Mylonas

A Cabiric Rite (pp. 577–581)
Arthur Darby Nock

Campanian Inscriptions at Yale (pp. 582–586)
H.M. Hoenigswald

A Kyathos by Psiax in the Museo Poldi-Pezzoli (pp. 587–592)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Some Inscriptions on Vases. IV (pp. 593–602)
J.D. Beazley

Gaius and Lucius Caesar? (pp. 603–609)
Franklin P. Johnson

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 610–632)
Stephen B. Luce, C.W. B., M.B., S.B.L., J.L.C. and Elizabeth Pierce Blegen

Book Reviews

The Sumerian King-List (pp. 633–634)
By Thorkild Jacobsen
Reviewed by Albrecht Goetze

Lachish II: The Fosse Temple (pp. 634–635)
By Olga Tufnell, Charles H. Inge, and Lankester Harding
Reviewed by G. Ernest Wright

Early Pottery of the Jebeleh Region (pp. 635–636)
By Ann M.H. Ehrich
Reviewed by G. Ernest Wright

Prehistoric Macedonia. An Archaeological Reconnaissance of Greek Macedonia (pp. 636–638)
By W.A. Heurtley
Reviewed by Vladimir J. Fewkes

Arkaeologiske og Kunsthistoriske Afhandlinger tilegnede Frederik Poulsen (pp. 638–640)
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

The Athenian Tribute Lists: Volume I (pp. 640–644)
By Benjamin Dean Meritt, H.T. Wade-Gery, and Malcolm Francis McGregor
Reviewed by Sterling Dow

Epigraphica Attica (p. 644)
By Benjamin Dean Meritt
Reviewed by Sidney N. Deane

Antioch on-the-Orontes, III, The Excavations, 1937–1939 (pp. 644–646)
By Richard Stillwell
Reviewed by Frank E. Brown

The Greeks in Bactria (pp. 646–648)
By W.W. Tarn
Reviewed by Alfred R. Bellinger

Tabula Imperii Romani, Karte des Römischen Reiches auf der Grundlage der internationalen Karte 1:1,000,000, Blatt M 32, Mainz (pp. 648–649)
By Peter Goessler
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Daci e Romani in Transilvania (pp. 649–650)
By Andrea Alföldi
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Indian Art of the United States (p. 650)
By Frederic H. Douglas and Réné d’Harnoncourt
Reviewed by Frederica de Laguna