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April 1991 (95.2)


Notes on the Towers and Borders of Classical Boiotia (pp. 193–202)
John McKesson Camp, II

The Naked Standing Goddess: A Group of Archaic Terracotta Figurines from Paestum (pp. 203–230)
Rebecca Miller Ammerman

The Tel Shalem Hadrian Reconsidered (pp. 231–251)
Richard A. Gergel


Archaeology in Jordan (pp. 253–280)
Bert de Vries


Kenan Tevfik Erim, 1929–1990 (pp. 281–283)
G.W. Bowersock


The 92nd Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 285–339) 

Book Reviews

Quantifying Diversity in Archaeology (pp. 341–342)
By R.D. Leonard and G.T. Jones
Reviewed by Albert J. Ammerman

The Ethics of Collecting Cultural Property: Whose Culture? Whose Property? (pp. 342–344)
By Phyllis Mauch Messenger
Reviewed by Oscar White Muscarella

The Return of Cultural Treasures (pp. 342–344)
By Jeanette Greenfield
Reviewed by Oscar White Muscarella

Samos II. Das Kastro Tigani: Die spätneolithische und chalkolithische siedlung (pp. 344–345)
By R.C.S. Felsch
Reviewed by Nikos Efstratiou

Early Ireland: An Introduction to Irish Prehistory (pp. 346–347)
By Michael J. O’Kelly
Reviewed by John Moreland

The Aegean and the East: An Investigation into the Transference of Artistic Motifs between the Aegean, Egypt, and the Near East in the Bronze Age (pp. 347–348)
By Janice L. Crowley
Reviewed by Karen Polinger Foster

Les chevaux de bronze dans l’art géométrique grec (pp. 348–349)
By Jean-Louis Zimmermann
Reviewed by Susan Langdon

Greek Sculpture: An Exploration (pp. 349–351)
By Andrew Stewart
Reviewed by Carol C. Mattusch

The Frieze from the Hera I Temple at Foce del Sele (pp. 351–352)
By Frances van Keuren
Reviewed by Barbara A. Barletta

Art and Cult under the Tyrants in Athens (p. 352)
By H.A. Shapiro
Reviewed by Lynn E. Roller

Syracuse, the Fairest Greek City: Ancient Art from the Museo Archeologico Regionale “Paolo Orsi” (pp. 352–353)
By Bonna Daix Wescoat
Reviewed by Frances van Keuren

Der römische Triumph. Siegesfeiern im antiken Rom (pp. 353–354)
By Ernst Künzl
Reviewed by Laetitia La Follette

Radiance in Stone: Sculptures in Colored Marble from the Museo Nazionale Romano (pp. 354–355)
By Maxwell L. Anderson and Leila Nista
Reviewed by Frances van Keuren

Il bronzo dei Romani: Arredo e suppellettile (pp. 355–356)
By Lucia Pirzio Biroli Stefanelli
Reviewed by Eugene Dwyer

La Casa dei Cervi a Herculanum (pp. 356–357)
By Tran Tam Tinh
Reviewed by Christopher Parslow

The Greek Renaissance in the Roman Empire. Papers from the Tenth British Museum Classical Colloquium (pp. 357–358)
By Susan Walker and Averil Cameron
Reviewed by G.W. Bowersock

Münzen und Städte Phrygiens, Teil II by Hans von Aulock; Die Münzstätte von Thessaloniki in der römischen Kaiserzeit (32/31 v. Chr. Bis 268 n. Chr.) (pp. 358–360)
By Ioannis Touratsoglou
Reviewed by Barbara Burrell

Gräber: Spiegel des Lebens. Totenbrauchtum der Kelten und Römer (pp. 360–361)
By Alfred Haffner
Reviewed by Peter S. Wells

Puzzle gaulois: Les Gaules in mémoire. Images, textes, histoire (pp. 361–362)
By Monique Clavel-Levêque
Reviewed by Carole L. Crumley

2000 Jahre Römer in Westfalen (p. 362)
By R. Asskamp
Reviewed by Willem J.H. Willems

The Silchester Amphitheatre. Excavations of 1979–85 (pp. 363–364)
By Michael G. Fulford
Reviewed by David L. Bomgardner

Excavations at Sabratha 1948–1951 II. The Finds, Pt. 1: The Amphorae, Coarse Pottery and Building Materials (pp. 364–365)
By John Dore and Nina Keay
Reviewed by Virginia R. Anderson-Stojanovic

Kaiser Baupolitik in Nordafrika. Studien zu den Bauinschriften der diokletianischen Zeit und ihrer räumlichen Verteilung in den römischen Provinzen Nordafrikas (pp. 365–366)
By Gerhard Waldher
Reviewed by R. Bruce Hitchner

The Anglo-Saxon Achievement (pp. 366–367)
By Richard Hodges
Reviewed by Mark Gardiner

Antikenzeichnung und Antikenstudium in Renaissance und Frühbarock. Akten des internationalen Symposions 8.–10. September 1986 in Coburg (pp. 367–369)
By Richard Harprath and Henning Wrede
Reviewed by Phyllis Pray Bober

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 369–371)