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January 1983 (87.1)


Editorial Letter (p. 1)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway and Tamara Stech


The Date of the Temples near Kourno in Lakonia (pp. 3–10)
E. Joan and Frederick E. Winter

Sextus Pompey, Octavian and Sicily (pp. 11–22)
Shelley C. Stone, III

Palaepharsalus-The Battle and the Town (pp. 23–54)
John D. Morgan

Studies in Roman Theater Design (pp. 55–68)
David B. Small

Archaeological Notes

Some Observations on the Cyclades in the Later Third and Early Second Millennia (pp. 69–76)
Jeremy Rutter

The Definition of the Middle Cycladic Period (pp. 76–81)
R.L.N. Barber

On the Relative Chronologies of Early Cycladic IIIA and Early Helladic III (pp. 81–83)
J.A. MacGillivray

More on Mycenaeans at Thera (pp. 83–85)
J.L. Crowley

Two Notes on Lakonian Vases (pp. 85–89)
Gerald P. Schaus

A New Attic Black Figure Potter (pp. 89–90)
Alan L. Boegehold

Notes on Small Textile Frames Pictured on Greek Vases (pp. 91–96)
Louise Clark

Warping the Greek Loom: A Second Method (pp. 96–99)
Diane Lee Carroll

Once More the Diadem and Barrel-Vault at Vergina (pp. 99–102)
Ernst A. Fredricksmeyer

“Golden Diadems” Again (pp. 102–103)
William Musgrave Calder, III

Book Reviews

Tree-Ring Dating and Archaeology (pp. 105–106)
By M.G.L. Bailli
Reviewed by Peter Ian Kuniholm

Women as Interpreters of the Visual Arts, 1820–1979 (p. 106)
By Claire Richter Sherman and Adele M. Holcomb
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Alt-Ägina III, 1: Die vorgeschichtliche Stadt. Befestigungen, Häuser, Funde (pp. 106–108)
By Hans Walter and Florens Felten
Reviewed by Jeremy Rutter

Mycenaean Greece (pp. 108–109)
By Richard Hope Simpson
Reviewed by Jack L. Davis

Four Early Mycenaean Wells from the South Slope of the Acropolis at Athens (pp. 109–110)
By P.A. Mountjoy
Reviewed by Carol Zerner

Alasia 2. les tombes d’Enkomi: Le mobilier funéraire (p. 110)
By Jacques-Claude Courtois
Reviewed by Emily Vermeule

The Standing Armed Figurines in the Levant (pp. 110–111)
By Helga Seeden
Reviewed by Jeanny Vorys Canby

The Ships of the Ancient Near East (c. 2000–500 B.C.) (pp. 111–112)
By Marie-Christine de Graeve
Reviewed by Corethia Qualls

Clazomenian Sarcophagi (pp. 112–113)
By R.M. Cook
Reviewed by Gerald P. Schaus

Studies in Attic Epigraphy, History and Topography Presented to Eugene Vanderpool (pp. 113–115)
Reviewed by John McK. Camp, II

Kerameikos 12. Rundbauten im Kerameikos (pp. 115–118)
By Wolf Koenigs, Ursula Knigge, and Alfred Mallwitz
Reviewed by Malcolm Bell

Out of Etruria. Etruscan Influences North and South (pp. 118–119)
By Larissa Bonfante
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

Recherches sur Nîmes préromaine: Habitats et sépultures (pp. 119–120)
By Michel Py
Reviewed by E.M. Wightman

Kenchreai, Eastern Port of Corinth, 5. The Lamps (pp. 120–121)
By Hector Williams
Reviewed by J.W. Hayes

L’Egittomania in pitture e mosaici romano-campani della prima età imperiale (pp. 121–122)
By Mariette de Vos
Reviewed by David L. Thompson

Justinianic Mosaic Pavements in Cyrenaican Churches (p. 122)
By Elisabeth Alföldi-Rosenbaum and John Ward-Perkins
Reviewed by Marie Spiro

The Archaeology of Roman Pannonia (pp. 122–123)
By A. Lengyel and G.T.B. Radan
Reviewed by Robert J. Rowland, Jr.

Ensérune, les silos de la terrace est (pp. 123–124)
By Hubert Gallet de Santerre
Reviewed by Lucinda Neuru

Das römische Gräberfeld von Keszthely-Dobogó (pp. 124–125)
By Károly Sági
Reviewed by Alfonz Lengyel

Tracht und Schmuck in Birka und im ostbaltischen Raum. Eine vergleichende Studie (pp. 125–126)
By Valdemārs Ģinters
Reviewed by Elfriede R. Knauer

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 126–129)

Recent Dissertations in Archaeology

Recent Dissertations in Archaeology (p. 129) 


Clairève Grandjouan (1929–1982) (pp. 131–132)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway