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October 1961 (65.4)

Volume Index

Volume 65 (1961) Index (Open Access)


Observations on Mycenaean Vase-Painters (pp. 337–347)
J.L. Benson

The “Axon,” Inscriptiones Graecae I² 2 (pp. 349–356)
Sterling Dow

C-14 Dates for Sites in the Mediterranean Area (pp. 357–367)
Ellen L. Kohler and Elizabeth K. Ralph

Xerxes’ Route over Mount Olympos (pp. 369–375) 
W. Kendrick Pritchett

News Letter from Rome (pp. 377–388)
A.W. van Buren

Archaeological Notes

A Decorative Motif Exclusive to Faliscan Red-Figure (p. 389)
Mario A. del Chiaro

The Berlin Spinner (pp. 389–391)
Elmer G. Suhr

Cape Phokas, Lesbos-Site of an Archaic Sanctuary for Zeus, Hera and Dionysus? (pp. 391–393)
Jerome D. Quinn

A Marble Head in California (pp. 393–396)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Uncovering the History of the Roof of the World (pp. 396–397)
V. Ranov and M. Bubnova

Book Reviews

Kleinasien (pp. 399–400)
By Albrecht Goetze
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

The Face of the Ancient Orient (pp. 400–401)
By Sabatino Moscati
Reviewed by Gus W. van Beek

A Dictionary of Life in Bible Times (p. 401)
By W. Corswant and Arthur Heathcote
Reviewed by Floyd V. Filson

Cyrenaican Expeditions of the University of Manchester, 1955, 1956, 1957 (pp. 401–402)
By Alan Rowe
Reviewed by Phyllis Pray Bober

The Study of Greek Inscriptions (pp. 402–403)
By A.G. Woodhead
Reviewed by W. Kendrick Pritchett

Marathon (p. 403)
By W. Kendrick Pritchett
Reviewed by Wallace E. McLeod

Python: A Study of Delphic Myth and Its Origins (p. 404)
By Joseph Fontenrose
Reviewed by Samuel Noah Kramer

Greek Painted Pottery (p. 405)
By R.M. Cook
Reviewed by J.H. Young

Recueil Charles Dugas (p. 405)
Reviewed by Mary Campbell Roebuck

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Deutschland, Band 19: Altenburg, Staatliches Lindenau-Museum, Band 3 (pp. 406–407)
By Erwin Bielefeld
Reviewed by A.D. Trendall

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. France, fasc. 19, Musée du Louvre, fasc. 12 (p. 407)
By François Villard
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

Essai sur les magistratures des républiques étrusques (pp. 407–408)
By Roger Lambrechts
Reviewed by Lily Ross Taylor

Vom Anfang Roms (pp. 408–409)
By Hermann Müller-Karpe
Reviewed by Inez Scott Ryberg

La colonna coclide istoriata, problemi storici iconografici stilistici (pp. 409–412)
By Giovanni Becatti
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Gli spettacoli in acqua nel teatro tardo-antico (p. 412)
By Gustavo Traversari
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Tournai romain (pp. 412–413)
By Marcel Amand and Irene Eykens-Dierickx
Reviewed by Joan Liversidge

Recueil général des mosaïques de la Gaule-Gaule belgique I, 2 (pp. 413–414)
By Henri Stern
Reviewed by Klaus Parlasca

Religio: Studien zu Kult und Glauben der Römer (pp. 414–415)
By C. Koch
Reviewed by Agnes Kirsopp Michels

The David Moore Robinson Bequest of Classical Art and Antiquities (p. 415)
By George M.A. Hanfmann
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

Masterpieces of Greek Art (pp. 415–417)
By Raymond V. Schoder
Reviewed by Cornelius C. Vermeule, III and Dietrich von Bothmer

Abstracts of New World Archaeology, Volume One, 1959 (p. 417)
By Richard B. Woodbury
Reviewed by Gordon F. Ekholm

An Introduction to Kansas Archeology (pp. 417–418) 
By Waldo R. Wedel
Reviewed by Jesse D. Jennings

Illinois Archaeology (pp. 418–419)
By Elaine A. Bluhm
Reviewed by Ronald J. Mason

Black Sand: Prehistory in Northern Arizona (p. 419)
By Harold S. Colton
Reviewed by Erik K. Reed