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A Letter from the Book Reviews Editor
(pp. 447–448)
Open Access
Lisa R. Brody


The Suburbs of the Early Mesopotamian City of Ur (Tell al-Muqayyar, Iraq)
(pp. 449–479)
Open Access
Emily Hammer, Angelo Di Michele

Roman Clavus Decoration on Gallic Dress: A Reevaluation Based on New Discoveries
(pp. 545–562)
Ursula Rothe, Anique Hamelink, Nicolas Delferrière

Archaeological Notes

Two Roman Glass Furnaces Discovered at Reșca-Romula (Romania)
(pp. 573–584)
Mircea Negru, Petre Badica, Andrei Alexandru-Dinu, Magdalena Galatanu, Andrei Kuncser, Delia Patroi, Ilinca Artene

Print Museum Reviews

Opening Horizons Between Antiquity and Today at Melbourne Museum
(pp. 585–592)
Open Access
Alina Kozlovski

Book Reviews

Ayia Irini: Area B
Open Access
By Natalie Abell
Reviewed by Jason W. Earle

The Oxford History of the Ancient Near East. Vol. 3, From the Hyksos to the Late Second Millennium BC
Open Access
Edited by Karen Radner, Nadine Moeller, and D.T. Potts
Reviewed by Guy D. Middleton

Potters at Work in Ancient Corinth: Industry, Religion, and the Penteskouphia Pinakes
Open Access
By Eleni Hasaki
Reviewed by Vladimir Stissi

Isis in a Global Empire: Greek Identity Through Egyptian Religion in Roman Greece
Open Access
By Lindsey A. Mazurek
Reviewed by Paraskevi Martzavou

Old Age in Greek and Roman Art
Open Access
By Susan B. Matheson and J.J. Pollitt
Reviewed by H.A. Shapiro

Studies on the Urban History of Meninx (Djerba): The Meninx Archaeological Project 2015–2019
Open Access
Edited by Stefan Ritter and Sami Ben Tahar
Reviewed by David L. Stone

Field Manual for the Archaeology of Ritual, Religion, and Magic
Open Access
By C. Riley Augé
Reviewed by Thomas E. Emerson

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