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January–March 1941 (45.1)

Archaeological Notes

The Harvard Archaeological Expedition in Ireland (pp. 1–6)
Hugh O’Neill Hencken

The Dumbarton Oaks Collection (pp. 7–17)
Berta Segall

Discovery of Palaeolithic Mural Art (p. 17)
George Grant MacCurdy

The Architectural Background in the Paintings at Dura-Europos (pp. 18–29)
Clark Hopkins

What Is Protocorinthian Geometric Ware? (pp. 30–44)
Saul S. Weinberg

The Origin of Decorative Stucco (pp. 45–61)
Neilson C. Debevoise

Ne Supra Crepidam Sutor Iudicaret (pp. 62–63)
Margarete Bieber

The Gorgon-Hydria from Eretria (pp. 64–69)
D.A. Amyx

Note on a Study of the Acropolis Dedications (p. 70)
A.E. Raubitschek

A Note on the Pediment of the “Tuscan Temple” (pp. 71–72)
Agnes K. Lake

Some New Latin Inscriptions from Spain (pp. 73–80)
G. Bonfante

A Rare Example of Akkadian Sculpture (pp. 81–86)
R.F.S. Starr

Forty-Second General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 87–97) 

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 98–115)
Stephen B. Luce

Excavations in Palestine and Transjordan in 1940 (pp. 116–117)
Nelson Glueck

Book Reviews

The Cat in Ancient Egypt (p. 118)
By N. Langton and B. Langton
Reviewed by William C. Hayes

The Other Side of the Jordan (pp. 118–120)
By Nelson Glueck
Reviewed by Harold W. Glidden

Kerameikos. Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen. Erster Band. Die Nekropolen des 12. bis 10. Jahrhunderts (pp. 120–122)
By Wilhelm Kraiker, Karl Kübler, and Emil Breitinger
Reviewed by Carl W. Blegen

Perachora (pp. 123–125)
By Humfry Payne
Reviewed by Agnes N. Stillwell

Die Phiale (pp. 125–127)
By Hans Luschey
Reviewed by Edith Hall Dohan

The Tholos of Athens and Its Predecessors, Hesperia, Suppl. IV (pp. 127–129)
By Homer A. Thompson
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Grab eines attischen Mädchens (p. 129)
By Ernst Buschor
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

L’Économie Royale des Lagides (pp. 129–132)
By Claire Préaux
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

Bericht über den VI. Internationalen Kongress fur Archäologie, Berlin 21–26. August 1939 (p. 132)
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Gerasa. City of the Decapolis. An Account Embodying the Record of a Joint Excavation Conducted by Yale University and the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem (1928–1930), and Yale University and the American Schools of Oriental Research (1930–1931, 1933–1934) (pp. 132–138)
By Carl H. Kraeling
Reviewed by Karl Lehmann-Hartleben

Römische Privatporträts und Prinzenbildnisse. Det. Kgl. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab. Archaeologisk-Kunsthistoriske Meddelelser ii, 5 (pp. 138–139)
By Frederik Poulsen
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum. Volume IV. Antoninus Pius to Commodus (pp. 139–140)
By Harold Mattingly
Reviewed by Edward T. Newell

The Cambridge Ancient History. Volume XI: The Imperial Peace. Volume XII: The Imperial Crisis and Recovery (pp. 140–142)
Reviewed by T.R.S. Broughton

The Culture Historical Method of Ethnology. The Scientific Approach to the Racial Question (pp. 142–143)
By Wilhelm Schmidt and S.A. Sieber
Reviewed by Vladimir J. Fewkes

Die Maximianskathedra in Ravenna (pp. 143–145)
By Gunther Wolfgang Morath
Reviewed by C.R. Morey

The Toledo Museum of Art, Catalogue of European Paintings (p. 145)
By Blake-More Godwin
Reviewed by J.C. Sloane, Jr.

The Athenian Archon List in the Light of Recent Discoveries (pp. 145–146)
By William Bell Dinsmoor
Reviewed by Sterling Dow

The Greek City (pp. 146–148) 
By A.H.M. Jones
Reviewed by Allan Chester Johnson

Léau, la ville des souvenirs (p. 148)
By Louis Wilmet
Reviewed by J.C. Sloane, Jr.

Manuel de géographie, Syrie, Liban et proche orient: première partie, la peninsule arabique (p. 148)
By L. Dubertet and J. Weuleresse
Reviewed by Harold W. Glidden