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July–September 1893 (8.3)

Notes of Eastern Travel (pp. 325–334)
John P. Peters

The Topography of Sparta (pp. 335–373)
Nicholas E. Crosby

The Neatherd in the Art of the Mycenæan Period (pp. 374–380)
George B. Hussey

Fastigium. In Pliny, N.H. XXXV. 152 (pp. 381–387)
Harold N. Fowler

Excavations in the Theatre at Sicyon in 1891 (pp. 388–396)
Mortimer Lamson Earle

Further Excavations at the Theatre of Sicyon in 1891 (pp. 397–409)
Carleton L. Brownson and Clarence H. Young

Reports on Excavations at Sparta in 1893 (pp. 410–428)
Charles Waldstein and C.L. Meader

Report on Excavations between Schenochori and Koutzopodi, Argolis, in 1893 (pp. 429–436)
James M. Paton and Charles Waldstein

Notes on Roman Artists of the Middle Ages. IV. The Cloister of the Lateran Basilica (pp. 437–447)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Some Inscriptions from the Orient (pp. 448–455)
A.C. Merriam

Reviews and Notices of Books

Classical Archaeology

Syracusan “Medallions” and Their Engravers in the Light of Recent Finds, etc by A.J. Evans; A Catalogue of the Greek Coins in the British Museum. Mysia. Alexandria and the Nomes, by W. Wroth and R.S. Poole (pp. 456–459)
Reviewed by C. Oman

The Remains of Ancient Rome (pp. 459–460)
By J.H. Middleton
Reviewed by F.B. Tarbell

Description historique des monnaies frappées sous l’empire romain, communément appelées médailles impériales (pp. 460–461)
By Henry Cohen and M. Feuardent

La Porte de Ste. Sabine à Rome (p. 461)
By J.J. Berthier
Reviewed by F.S.

L’Archéologie Chrétienne. Bibliothèque de l'Enseignement des Beaux Arts (pp. 462–463)
By André Pératé
Reviewed by Georges Goyau

Illustrations of Incised Slabs on the Continent of Europe (pp. 463–465)
By W.F. Creeny

L’Architecture de la Renaissance, by Leon Palustre; Michel-Ange, by Emile Ollivier; Michelangelo: eine Renaissancestudie, by Ludvig von Scheffler; Michel-Ange, Poète, by Gabriel Thomas (pp. 465–467)
Reviewed by Maurice Hewlett

Les Potiers de Terre Italiens, à Lyon au Seizième Siècle (pp. 467–468)
By Natilis Rondot
Reviewed by C.D.E. Fortnum

Les Sculptures de l’Église Abbatiale de Solesmes (1496–1553) (pp. 468–469)
By de La Tremblaye
Reviewed by Ch. de Grandemaison

The Castellated and Domestic Architecture of Scotland (pp. 469–471)
By David MacGibbon and Thomas Ross
Reviewed by J.M. Gray