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July–September 1940 (44.3)

Archaeological Notes

An Antefix and a Hekataion Recently Acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (pp. 293–296)
Christine Alexander

A Mediaeval Glass-Factory at Corinth (pp. 297–324)
Gladys R. Davidson

Technological Study of the Glass from the Corinth Factory (pp. 325–327)
Frederick R. Matson, Jr.

Preliminary Report on the Second Campaign of Excavation in Samothrace (pp. 328–358)
Karl Lehmann-Hartleben

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 359–397)
Stephen B. Luce and A.W. van Buren

Book Reviews

The Development of the Egyptian Tomb Down to the Accession of Cheops (pp. 398–399)
By George Andrew Reisner
Reviewed by C.R. Williams

Der Einfluss der Militärführer in der 18. ägyptischen Dynastie (p. 399)
By Hans-Wolfgang Helck
Reviewed by T. George Allen

The Tell El-Amarna Tablets (pp. 399–400)
By Samuel A.B. Mercer
Reviewed by Albrecht Goetze

Manuel d’Archéologie Biblique, Tome I (pp. 400–401)
By A.G. Barrois
Reviewed by G. Ernest Wright

Teleilāt Ghassūl II. Compte Rendu des Fouilles de l'Institut Biblique Pontifical 1932–1936 (pp. 401–402)
By Robert Koeppel
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Ain Shems Excavations, Parts I–V, Haverford, 1931–1939. Part I (pp. 402–403)
By Elihu Grant
Reviewed by John Franklin Daniel

The Hyksos Reconsidered. The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization, No. 18 (pp. 403–404)
By Robert M. Engberg
Reviewed by E.A. Speiser

The Megiddo Ivories (pp. 404–405)
By Gordon Loud
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

The Treasury of Persepolis and Other Discoveries in the Homeland of the Achaemenians (pp. 405–406)
By Erich Schmidt
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Deutschland, München, Museum Antiker Kleinkunst (p. 406)
By Reinhard Lullies
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Hellenic History (pp. 406–409)
By George Willis Botsford
Reviewed by O.W. Reinmuth

From the Collections of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek, Vol. II (pp. 409–410)
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

Der spätantike Bildschmuck des Konstantinsbogens (pp. 410–414)
By Hans Peter L’Orange
Reviewed by Margarete Beiber

Taxation in Egypt from Augustus to Diocletian (pp. 414–415)
By Sherman LeRoy Wallace
Reviewed by M.I. Rostovtzeff

Lauriacum. Fuehrer durch die Altertuemer von Enns (pp. 415–416)
By Alexander Gaheis
Reviewed by Vladimir J. Fewkes

Un Peuple Cavalier Préscythique en Hongrie, Trouvailles Archéologiques du premier âge de fer et leurs relations avec l’Eurasie (p. 416)
By Sándor Gallus and Tibor Horváth
Reviewed by Clarence A. Manning