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May–August 1898 (2.3–4)

Notes on Oriental Antiquities (pp. 159–168) 
William Hayes Ward

The Orpheus Relief (pp. 169–172) 
John Pickard

Terra-Cotta Reliefs from the Argive Heraeum (pp. 173–186) 
Charles Waldstein and J.C. Hoppin

The Eiskyklema in the Eretrian Theatre (pp. 187–194) 
Andrew Fossum

An Old Corinthian Vase from Corinth (pp. 195–205) 
Rufus B. Richardson

Terra-Cotta Figurines from Corinth (pp. 206–222) 
Rufus B. Richardson

A Trace of Egypt at Eleusis (pp. 223–232) 
Rufus B. Richardson

The Excavations at Corinth in 1898: Preliminary Report (pp. 233–236) 
Rufus B. Richardson

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 237–346)