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January 1999 (103.1)


A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief (p. 1)
R. Bruce Hitchner


Characterizing the Philia Facies: Material Culture, Chronology, and the Origin of the Bronze Age in Cyprus (pp. 3–43) 
Jennifer M. Webb and David Frankel

The Making of an Urartian Landscape in Southern Transcaucasia: A Study of Political Architectonics (pp. 45–71) 
Adam T. Smith

Satrapal Sardis: Achaemenid Bowls in an Achaemenid Capital (pp. 73–102) 
Elspeth R.M. Dusinberre

Etruscan Gold Dental Appliances: Three Newly Discovered Examples (pp. 103–111)
Marshall Joseph Becker

Review Articles

Current Issues in the Study of Palaeolithic Images (pp. 113–117)
Christopher Chippindale

Changing Dynamics in the Archaeology of Iberia (pp. 117–121)
Mary E. Downs

A New Roman Britain? Recent Developments in Romano-British Archaeology (pp. 122–125)
Jane Webster

Book Reviews

Ethnic Identity in Greek Antiquity (pp. 126–127)
By Jonathan M. Hall
Reviewed by Geoff Emberling

The Archaeology of Ethnicity: Constructing Identities in the Past and Present (pp. 126–127)
By Siân Jones
Reviewed by Geoff Emberling

Anthropology and Egyptology: A Developing Dialogue (pp. 127–129) 
Edited by Judith Lustig
Reviewed by Lynn Meskell

Lhomme et la forêt méditerranéenne: De la préhistoire à nos jours (pp. 129–130)
By Jean-Louis Vernet
Reviewed by Oliver Rackham

Forêts et sociétés en Languedoc (Néolithique final, Antiquité tardive): L’anthracologie, méthode et paléoécologie (pp. 129–130)
By Lucie Chabal
Reviewed by Oliver Rackham

Trade and Production in Premonetary Greece: Production and the Craftsman. Proceedings of the 4th and 5th International Workshops, Athens 1994 and 1995 (p. 131)
Edited by C. Gillis, C. Risberg, and B. Sjöberg
Reviewed by Sitta von Reden

The Adriatic Islands Project: Contact, Commerce and Colonialism, 6000 BC–AD 600, 1: The Archaeological Heritage of Hvar, Croatia (pp. 131–133)
By Vincent Gaffney, Branko Kirigin, Marinko Petrić, and Niks̆a Vujnović
Reviewed by Bryon Bass

Cemetery and Society in the Aegean Bronze Age (pp. 133–134) 
Edited by Keith Branigan
Reviewed by O.T.P.K. Dickinson

The Function of the Minoan Villa: Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium at the Swedish Institute at Athens, 6–8 June 1992 (pp. 134–135)
Edited by Robin Hägg
Reviewed by Carol R. Hershenson

Minoischer Schmuck (pp. 135–136)
By Maria Effinger
Reviewed by Robert Laffineur

Kretische Tongefässe mit Meeresdekor (p. 136) 
By Walter Müller
Reviewed by Philip P. Betancourt

The Psychro Cave and Other Sacred Grottoes in Crete (pp. 136–137)
By B. Rutkowski and Krzysztof Nowicki
Reviewed by Nanno Marinatos

The Cave Sanctuary of Zeus at Psychro: A Study of Extra-Urban Sanctuaries in Minoan and Early Iron Age Crete (pp. 136–137) 
By L. Vance Watrous
Reviewed by Nanno Marinatos

Imports and Immigrants: Near Eastern Contacts with Iron Age Crete (pp. 137–138) 
By Gail Hoffman
Reviewed by J.N. Coldstream

Reprisals: Contribution to the Study of Customs of the Geometric-Archaic Period (pp. 138–139)
By Nicolas Chr. Stampolidis
Reviewed by Alan Johnston

The Early Iron Age of Slovenia (pp. 139–140)
By Philip Mason 
Reviewed by A.F. Harding

Egyptian and Egyptianizing Scarabs: A Typology of Steatite, Faience and Paste Scarabs from Punic and Other Mediterranean Sites (pp. 140–141) 
By Andrée Feghali Gorton
Reviewed by Emily Teeter

Unterhaltung beim griechischen Symposion: Darbietungen, Spiele und Wettkämpfe von homerischer bis in spätklassische Zeit (pp. 141–142) 
By Alfred Schäfer
Reviewed by Thomas Habinek

Die attische Aristokratie und ihre Helden: Darstellungen des trojanischen Sagenkreises im 6. und frühen 5. Jahrhundert v. Chr. (pp. 142–143) 
By Brigitte Knittlmayer
Reviewed by Timothy J. McNiven

Larea di rispetto nelle colonie magnogreche e siceliote: Studio di antropologia della forma urbana (pp. 143–145)
By Anna Muggia
Reviewed by Franco De Angelis

Die archaische Keramik aus dem Malophoros-Heiligtum in Selinunt: Die korinthischen, lakonischen, ostgriechischen, etruskischen und megarischen Importe sowie die argivisch-monochrome und lokale keramik aus den alten Grabungen (pp. 145–146)
By Christiane Dehl-von Kaenel
Reviewed by R.M. Cook

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates at Kourion: Excavations in the Archaic Precinct (pp. 146–147) 
By Diana Buitron-Oliver
Reviewed by Veronica Tatton-Brown

Morgantina Studies V: The Archaic Cemeteries (pp. 147–148) 
By Claire L. Lyons
Reviewed by Gillian Shepherd

Héra: Images, espaces, cultes. Actes du Colloque international du Centre de recherches archéologiques de lUniversité de lille III et de lAssociation P.R.A.C., Lille, 29–30 novembre 1993 (pp. 148–149)
Edited by Juliette de la Genière
Reviewed by Susan Guettel Cole

Die Wasserleitung des Eupalinos auf Samos (pp. 149–150)
By Hermann J. Kienast 
Reviewed by Harry B. Evans

The Corinthian, Attic, and Lakonian Pottery from Sardis (pp. 150–151) 
By Judith Snyder Schaeffer, Nancy H. Ramage, and Crawford H. Greenewalt, Jr.
Reviewed by Evelyn E. Bell

Exekias I: Die Grabtafeln (pp. 151–152) 
By Heide Mommsen
Reviewed by John H. Oakley

Isthmia. Excavations by the University of Chicago under the Auspices of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens VII: The Metal Objects (1952–1989) (pp. 152–153)
By Isabelle K. Raubitschek
Reviewed by Eugene Dwyer

Sculptors and Sculpture of Caria and the Dodecanese (pp. 153–155)
Edited by Ian Jenkins and Geoffrey B. Waywell
Reviewed by Christine M. Havelock

Athenian Potters and Painters: The Conference Proceedings (pp. 155–156) 
Edited by John H. Oakley, William D.E. Coulson, and Olga Palagia
Reviewed by Amy C. Smith

Fourth-Century Styles in Greek Sculpture (pp. 156–157) 
By Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway
Reviewed by William A.P. Childs

Demos und Thanatos: Untersuchungen zum Wertsystem der Polis im Spiegel der attischen Grabreliefs des 4. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. und zur Funktion der gleichzeitigen Grabbauten (pp. 157–158)
By Johannes Bergemann
Reviewed by Sanne Houby-Nielsen

Les sculptures grecques II: La période hellénistique (IIIe–Ier siècles avant J.-C.) (pp. 158–159) 
By Marianne Hamiaux
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

The Artists of the Ara Pacis: The Process of Hellenization in Roman Relief Sculpture (pp. 159–161)
By Diane Atnally Conlin
Reviewed by Peter J. Holliday

Roman Portraits: Artistic and Literary. Acts of the Third International Conference on the Roman Portraits Held in Prague and in the Bechyně Castle from 25 to 29 September 1989 (pp. 161–162) 
Edited by Jan Bouzek and Iva Ondřejová
Reviewed by Richard Brilliant

Mosaïque et culture dans lOccident romain (Ier–IVe s.) (pp. 162–163)
By Janine Lancha
Reviewed by Ruth Westgate

The Baths of Caracalla: A Study in the Design, Construction, and Economics of Large-Scale Building Projects in Imperial Rome (pp. 163–164) 
By Janet DeLaine
Reviewed by James E. Packer

From Function to Monument: Urban Landscapes of Roman Palestine, Syria and Provincia Arabia (pp. 164–165)
By Arthur Segal
Reviewed by Duane W. Roller

The Archaeology of Medieval Greece (pp. 165–166)
Edited by Peter Lock and G.D.R. Sanders
Reviewed by Joanita Vroom

A Survey of Greek and Latin Inscriptions on Stone in Swedish Collections (pp. 166–167) 
Edited by Bengt E. Thomasson
Reviewed by Steven L. Tuck

Greek and Latin Inscriptions in the USA: A Checklist (pp. 166–167)
Edited by John Bodel and Stephen Tracy
Reviewed by Steven L. Tuck

Die antiken Skulpturen in Chatsworth sowie in Dunham Massey und Withington Hall (pp. 167–168)
By Dietrich Boschung, Henner von Hesberg, and Andreas Linfert
Reviewed by Cornelius C. Vermeule III

The Roman Remains: John Izard Middletons Visual Souvenirs of 1820–1823, with Additional Views in Italy, France, and Switzerland (pp. 168–169)
Edited by Charles R. Mack and Lynn Robertson
Reviewed by Tony Cubberley

Book Notes

Surface Archaeology (pp. 169–170)
Edited by Alan P. Sullivan
Reviewed by John F. Cherry

Aegean Strategies: Studies of Culture and Environment on the European Fringe (p. 170)
Edited by P. Nick Kardulias and Mark T. Shutes
Reviewed by Susan Buck Sutton

Aspects of Urbanism in Antiquity: From Mesopotamia to Crete (pp. 170–171)
Edited by Walter E. Aufrecht, Neil A. Mirau, Steven W. Gauley
Reviewed by Thomas F. Strasser

The Archaeology of Late Bronze Age Cypriot Society: The Study of Settlement, Survey and Landscape (p. 171)
By A. Bernard Knapp
Reviewed by Stuart Swiny

Burial and Society: The Chronological and Social Analysis of Archaeological Burial Data (pp. 171–172)
Edited by Claus Kjeld Jensen and Karen Høilund Nielsen
Reviewed by John Robb

Numismatic Archaeology, Archaeological Numismatics. Proceedings of an International Conference Held to Honour Dr. Mando Oeconomides in Athens 1995 (p. 172)
Edited by K.A. Sheedy and C. Papageorgiadou-Banis
Reviewed by Kevin Butcher

Handbook of Mediterranean Roman Pottery (pp. 172–173) 
By John W. Hayes
Reviewed by Philip Kenrick

Der Obelisk des Antinoos: Eine kommentierte Edition, mit Beiträgen von Alfred Grimm, Dieter Kessler, Hugo Meyer, und einer Einführung Antinous and the Greek Renascence (p. 173)
Edited by Hugo Meyer
Reviewed by Mary T. Boatwright

The Color of Ivory: Polychromy on Byzantine Ivories (pp. 173–174)
By Carolyn L. Connor
Reviewed by Peter Barnet

Who Killed Homer? The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom (pp. 174–175)
By Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath 
Reviewed by Margaret M. Miles

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 175–180)