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April 1959 (63.2)


The Palace of Nestor Excavations of 1958 (pp. 121–137)
Carl W. Blegen and Mabel Lang

Notes on a New Edition of Michaelis: Ancient Marbles in Great Britain (pp. 139–166)
C. Vermeule and D. von Bothmer

Excavations at Serra Orlando 1958 Preliminary Report III (pp. 167–173)
Richard Stillwell

Archaeological Notes

The Diffusion of the Greek Alphabet (pp. 175–178)
R.M. Cook and A.G. Woodhead

An Early Protoattic Hydria (pp. 178–179)
Eva Brann

An Arretine-Type Signature from Lezoux (pp. 179–180)
Howard Comfort

An Etruscan Rhyton in Vienna (pp. 180–181)
Herbert Hoffmann

Greek Vases Acquired by the Walters Art Gallery (pp. 181–183)
Dorothy Kent Hill

On the New Inscription from Serra Orlando (pp. 183–184)
Morton Smith


Sixtieth General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (1958) (pp. 186–192) 


Bert Hodge Hill (pp. 193–194)
Carl W. Blegen

Felix Oswald (p. 194)
Howard Comfort

Book Reviews

The White Lady of the Brandberg (p. 195)
By Henri Breuil
Reviewed by Hallam L. Movius, Jr.

Medinet Habu, Volume V: The Temple Proper, Part I (pp. 195–198)
By The Epigraphic Survey
Reviewed by Henry George Fischer

Persepolis II, Contents of the Treasury and Other Discoveries (pp. 198–202)
By Erich F. Schmidt
Reviewed by Charles K. Wilkinson

Bornholm I Folkevandringstiden (pp. 202–203)
By Ole Klindt-Jensen
Reviewed by J.V.S. Megaw

Troy, Volume IV: Settlements VIIA, VIIB, and VIII (pp. 203–206)
By Carl W. Blegen, Cedric G. Boulter, John L. Caskey, and Marion Rawson
Reviewed by Emily Townsend Vermeule

The Mycenae Tablets II (p. 206)
By Emmett L. Bennett and John Chadwick
Reviewed by Mabel Lang

Akrai (pp. 206–208)
By Luigi Bernabò Brea
Reviewed by Erik Sjöqvist

Studien zum Ilissos-Relief (pp. 208–209)
By Nikolaus Himmelmann-Wildschütz
Reviewed by Evelyn B. Harrison

Werkstätten orientalisierender Keramik auf Rhodos (p. 209)
By Wolfgang Schiering
Reviewed by Chrysoula Kardara

Exploration archeologique de Delos XXIII: Les figurines de terre cuite (pp. 209–211)
By Alfred Laumonier
Reviewed by Dorothy Burr Thompson

Greek Theatre Production (pp. 211–213)
By T.B.L. Webster
Reviewed by Frances Follin Jones

Inscriptiones Graecae, Vol. IX, Pt. I, ii, Inscriptiones Acarnaniae (pp. 213–214)
By Guentherus Klaffenbach
Reviewed by Colin N. Edmonson

Inscriptiones Graecae in Bulgaria Repertae, Vol. I (pp. 214–215)
By G. Mihailov
Reviewed by W. Kendrick Pritchett

Acta Congressus Madvigiani, Hafniae MDMLIV. Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Classical Studies, Vol. IV (pp. 215–216)
Reviewed by A.W. van Buren

Recueil Général des Mosäiques de la Gaule. I. Gaule-Belgique (pp. 216–217)
By Henri Stern
Reviewed by Marion E. Blake

Die Statthalter der römischen Provinz Dalmatia von Augustus bis Diokletian (pp. 217–218)
By Adolf Jagenteufel
Reviewed by Robert K. Sherk

Die Graeberfelder von Lauriacum. Das Ziegelfeld (pp. 218–219)
By Aemilian Kloiber
Reviewed by George Lechler

Les Ruines de Dougga (pp. 219–220)
By Claude Poinssot
Reviewed by Denys E.L. Haynes

L’Antiquité Chrétienne du Musée du Louvre (p. 220)
By Etienne Coche de la Ferté
Reviewed by Josephine M. Harris

The Fresco Cycle of S. Maria di Castelseprio (pp. 220–223)
By Kurt Weitzmann
Reviewed by Philippe Verdier

Drawings after the Antique by Amico Aspertini (pp. 223–224)
By Phyllis Pray Bober
Reviewed by Katharine Shepard

New Light on Washington’s Fort Necessity: A Report on the Archeological Explorations at Fort Necessity National Battlefield Site (p. 224)
By J.C. Harrington
Reviewed by Adan E. Treganza