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October–December 1937 (41.4)

Volume 41 (1938) Index (Open Access)

Archaeological Notes

Recent Acquisitions of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (pp. 525–531)
L.D. Caskey

A Greek Bronze Hydria in the Metropolitan Museum (pp. 532–538)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Excavations at Corinth, 1936–37 (pp. 539–552)
Charles H. Morgan, II

Excavations at Troy, 1937 (pp. 553–597)
Carl W. Blegen

The Origin of the Roman House (pp. 598–601)
A.K. Lake

The Judgment of Paris on Etruscan Mirrors (pp. 602–606)
Louis E. Lord

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 607–637)
David M. Robinson, Elizabeth Pierce Blegen, and C.R. Williams

Book Reviews

Ancient Egyptian Paintings (pp. 638–642)
By Nina M. Davies and Alan H. Gardiner
Reviewed by C.R. Williams

Der Tempel in Ankara (p. 642)
By D. Krencker and M. Schede
Reviewed by Rhys Carpenter

Preliminary Report of the University of Michigan Excavations at Sepphoris, Palestine, in 1931 (pp. 642–643)
By Leroy Waterman, N.E. Manasseh, S. Yeivin, and Catherine S. Bunnell
Reviewed by Arthur J. Tobler

Le Champ des Roseaux et Le Champ des Offrandes dans La Religion Funéraire et La Religion Générale (p. 643)
By Raymond Weill
Reviewed by William C. Hayes

L’Alfabeto nella Storia della Civiltà (pp. 643–645)
By David Diringer
Reviewed by Robert H. Pfeiffer

Bronzewerkstätten in Grossgriechenland und Sizilien (p. 645)
By Ulf Jantzen
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Die Antiken Skulpturen der Ermitage, Dritter Teil (pp. 645–647)
By Oskar Waldhauer
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Milet: Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen und Untersuchungen seit dem Jahre 1899. Vol. III5: Das Südliche Ionien (p. 647)
By Alfred Philippson
Reviewed by Rhys Carpenter

A Study of the Greek Love-Names, Including a Discussion of Paederasty and a Prosopographia (pp. 647–648)
By David M. Robinson and Edward J. Fluck
Reviewed by Stephen Bleecker Luce

Byzanz: Vorarbeiten zur Topographie und Archäologie der Stadt, Vol. 8 of Istanbuler Forschungen of the German Archaeological Institute (pp. 648–649)
By A.M. Schneider
Reviewed by Rhys Carpenter

The Journal of Roman Studies, Vol. XXVII, 1937, Part 1 (pp. 649–651)
By Henry Stuart Jones
Reviewed by A.W. van Buren

A Komini Éremelet (A Kr. U. III Századból). The Hoard of Komin (Antoniniani of the Third Century A.D.) (pp. 651–652)
By Z. Barczay-Amant
Reviewed by E.T. Newell