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October 1995 (99.4)

Volume Index

Volume 99 (1995) Index (Open Access)

Field Report

Roman Gardens in Tunisia: Preliminary Excavations in the House of Bacchus and Ariadne and in the East Temple at Thuburbo Maius (pp. 559–576)
Wilhelmina F. Jashemski, with an appendix by J.E. Foss, R.J. Lewis, M.E. Timpson, and S.Y. Lee: Soils of Thuburbo Maius


How Argive Was the “Argive” Heraion? The Political and Cultic Geography of the Argive Plain, 900–400 B.C. (pp. 577–613)
Jonathan M. Hall

Tomb Marker and Turning Post: Funerary Columns in the Archaic Period (pp. 615–632)
Elizabeth P. McGowan

The Central Group in the Gigantomachy of the Old Athena Temple on the Acropolis (pp. 633–639)
Mary B. Moore

The Kanephoros and Her Festival Mantle in Greek Art (pp. 641–666)
Linda Jones Roccos

Mourning and the Making of Ancestors in the Testamentum Relief (pp. 667–681)
Eve D’Ambra

The Humeima Hoard: Byzantine and Sasanian Coins and Jewelry from Southern Jordan (pp. 683–697)
Erik de Bruijn and Dennine Dudley

Review of Aegean Prehistory IV

The Stone Age of Greece from the Palaeolithic to the Advent of the Neolithic (pp. 699–728)
Curtis Runnels


Sterling Dow, 1903–1995 (pp. 729–730)
Emily Vermeule

Book Reviews

Editorial Statement (pp. 731–732)
Susan E. Alcock and John F. Cherry

Review Article

An Aegean Prehistory Textbook for the 1990s? (pp. 732–735)
Jack L. Davis

Book Reviews

Reconstructing Prehistory: Scientific Method in Archaeology (pp. 736–737)
By James A. Bell
Reviewed by P. Nick Kardulias

The Archaeology of Rank (pp. 737–738)
By Paul K. Wason
Reviewed by Thomas F. Strasser

Η αρχαιολογια και η κοινωνικη ταυτοτητα του φυλου: Προσεγγισεισ στην αιγαιακη προϊστορια (pp. 738–739)
By Dimitra Kokkinidou and Marianna Nikolaïdou
Reviewed by Donald C. Haggis

Elmali-Karataş II: The Early Bronze Age Village (pp. 739–740)
By Jayne L. Warner
Reviewed by Daniel J. Pullen

An Archaeology of Ancestors: Tomb Cult and Hero Cult in Early Greece (pp. 740–741)
By Carla M. Antonaccio
Reviewed by James Whitley

Die “nackte Göttin.” Zur Ikonographie und Deutung unbekleideter weiblicher Figuren in der frühgriechische Kunst (pp. 741–742)
By Stephanie Böhm
Reviewed by Larissa Bonfante

Archaic Pottery of Chios: The Decorated Styles (pp. 742–743)
By Anna A. Lemos
Reviewed by Gerald P. Schaus

Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae VII (pp. 743–744)
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Tabula Imperii Romani, Hoja K-30: Madrid (Caesaraugusta-Clunia) (pp. 744–745)
Edited by G. Fatás Cabeza, L. Caballero Zoreda, C. García Merino, and A. Cepas Palanca
Reviewed by Robert C. Knapp

Houses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum (pp. 745–746)
By Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
Reviewed by Christopher Parslow

Tradition in Late Antique Sculpture: Conservation, Modernization, Production (pp. 746–747)
By Niels Hannestad
Reviewed by Eric R. Varner

Naissance des arts chrétiens. Atlas des monuments paléochrétiens de la France (pp. 748–749)
Reviewed by Caroline J. Hemans

The Dead Sea Scrolls. Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts with English Translations 1: Rule of the Community and Related Documents (pp. 749–750)
Edited by James H. Charlesworth
Reviewed by Brian B. Schmidt

The Dead Sea Scrolls Catalogue. Documents, Photographs and Museum Inventory Numbers (pp. 749–750)
By Stephen A. Reed and Marilyn J. Lundberg
Reviewed by Brian B. Schmidt

A Dragoman’s House: The House of Hadjigeorgiakis Kornesios in Nicosia: A Study of Its Background and Architecture (pp. 750–751)
Edited by Mette Pihler
Reviewed by Ayda Arel

Book Notes

Archaeological Prospection 1.1 (pp. 751–752)
Reviewed by George Rapp, Jr.

Meaningful Architecture: Social Interpretations of Buildings (p. 752)
Edited by Martin Locock
Reviewed by Bradley A. Ault

Toward a Social History of Archaeology in the United States (pp. 752–753)
By Thomas C. Patterson
Reviewed by James E. Snead

Handwerk und Technologie im Alten Orient: Ein Beitrage zur Geschichte der Technik im Altertum. Internationale Tagung, Berlin, 12–15 Marz 1991 (p. 753)
Edited by R.B. Wartke
Reviewed by J.D. Muhly

Studies in South Attica II (pp. 753–754)
Edited by Herman Mussche
Reviewed by Merle K. Langdon

Les fortifications d’Arabie méridionale du 7e au 1er siècle avant notre ère (pp. 754–755)
By Jean-François Breton
Reviewed by D.T. Potts

Conservator urbis suae: Studies in the Politics and Propaganda of the Emperor Maxentius (p. 755)
By Mats Cullhed
Reviewed by Sandra E. Knudsen

Art Forgery: The Case of the Lady of Elche (p. 755)
By John F. Moffitt
Reviewed by Karen D. Vitelli

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 756–759)