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April–June 1909 (13.2)

An Inscription of the Labicani Quintanenses (pp. 125–129)
Walter Dennison

Age and Ancient Home of the Biblical Manuscripts in the Freer Collection (pp. 130–141)
Henry A. Sanders

Another Vase by the Master of the Penthesilea Cylix (pp. 142–150)
Mary Hamilton Swindler

A Head of Heracles in the Style of Scopas (pp. 151–157)
William N. Bates

A Series of Sculptures from Corinth: I. Hellenic Reliefs (pp. 158–169)
Elizabeth M. Gardiner

The So-Called Flavian Rostra (pp. 170–186)
Esther Boise van Deman

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 187–248)
William N. Bates

Bibliography of Archaeological Books 1908 (pp. 249–270)
William N. Bates