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January–March 1934 (38.1)

Corrigenda: Archaeological News and Discussions

Correspondences between the Delian and Athenian Calendars in the Years 433 and 432 B.C. (pp. 1–9)
Allen B. West

Inscriptions on Geometric Pottery from Hymettos (pp. 10–28)
Carl W. Blegen

The Curculio of Plautus (pp. 29–36)
G.W. Elderkin

The Character of Lysander (pp. 37–42)
William K. Prentice

An Attic Grave Stele in Providence (pp. 43–44)
Stephen Bleecker Luce

A Red-Figured Vase Influenced by the Parthenon Frieze (pp. 45–48)
David M. Robinson

Notes on Egyptian Coinage (pp. 49–54)
Allan Chester Johnson

The Fountain of Peirene in the Time of Herodes Atticus (pp. 55–58)
Gorham Phillips Stevens

A Florentine Officer in the Morea in 1687 (pp. 59–66)
James M. Paton

Epigraphic Notes (pp. 67–70)
Benjamin D. Meritt

The Porch-Ceiling of the Temple of Apollo on Delos (pp. 71–80)
Leicester B. Holland and Philip Davis

Byzantine Gold Mosaic (pp. 81–82)
Emerson H. Swift

Scripta Helladica and the Dates of Homer and the Hellenic Alphabet (pp. 83–92)
J. Penrose Harland

The Repair of the Athena Parthenos: A Story of Five Dowels (pp. 93–106)
William Bell Dinsmoor

The Veil of Despoina (pp. 107–111)
Alan J.B. Wace

Some Modern Greek Songs from Cappadocia (pp. 112–122)
R.M. Dawkins

Die Perseia von Mykenai (pp. 123–127)
Georg Karo

Kentauren (pp. 128–132)
Ernst Buschor

Die Briseisvase des Hieron (pp. 133–136)
R. Heberdey

Observations sur la date et l’origine des reliefs dits de la “Visite chez Ikarios” (pp. 137–152)
Ch. Picard

La Fontaine de Sicyone (pp. 153–157)
Anastasios C. Orlandos

Remarks on the Development of Domestic Architecture in Rome (pp. 158–170)
Axel Boëthius

New Elements for the Study of the Archaic Temple of Prinias (pp. 171–177)
Luigi Pernier

Die Constitutio Antoniniana (pp. 178–181)
Adolf Wilhelm

Thirty-Fifth General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 182–190)