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Helios Rising: The Sun, the Moon, and the Sea in the Sculptures of the Parthenon
(pp. 527–558)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Jeffrey M. Hurwit

Cretan Pottery in the Levant in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries B.C.E. and Its Historical Implications
(pp. 559–593)
Open Access
Ayelet Gilboa, Yiftah Shalev, Gunnar Lehmann, Hans Mommsen, Brice Erickson, Eleni Nodarou, David Ben-Shlomo

Field Reports

The Brown University Petra Archaeological Project: Landscape Archaeology in the Northern Hinterland of Petra, Jordan
(pp. 621–683)
Open Access
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Alex R. Knodell, Susan E. Alcock, Christopher A. Tuttle, Christian F. Cloke, Tali Erickson-Gini, Cecelia Feldman, Gary O. Rollefson, Micaela Sinibaldi, Thomas M. Urban, Clive Vella


Anna Marguerite McCann, 1933–2017
(pp. 685–688)
Open Access
John Peter Oleson, John Pollini

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Book Reviews

Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: The Potential of Digital Archaeology
Open Access
Edited by E.W. Averett, J.M. Gordon, and D.B. Counts
Reviewed by Rachel Opitz

Ritual and Archaic States
Open Access
Edited by Joanne M.A. Murphy
Reviewed by Thomas E. Emerson

Rural Archaeology in Early Urban Northern Mesopotamia: Excavations at Tell al-Raqa’i
Open Access
Edited by Glenn M. Schwartz
Reviewed by Nicola Laneri

Les représentations architecturales dans l’iconographie néo-assyrienne
Open Access
By Nicolas Gillmann
Reviewed by Kiersten Neumann

Imperial Matter: Ancient Persia and the Archaeology of Empires
Open Access
By Lori Khatchadourian
Reviewed by Hilary Gopnik

The Human Face of Radiocarbon: Reassessing Chronology in Prehistoric Greece and Bulgaria, 5000–3000 cal BC
Open Access
Edited by Zoi Tsirtsoni
Reviewed by Konstantinos P. Trimmis

Archaeodiet in the Greek World: Dietary Reconstruction from Stable Isotope Analysis
Open Access
Edited by Anastasia Papathanasiou, Michael P. Richards, and Sherry C. Fox
Reviewed by Argyro Nafplioti

Haghia Triada III: The Late Minoan III Buildings in the Villaggio
Open Access
By Santo Privitera
Reviewed by R. Angus K. Smith

Carl W. Blegen: Personal and Archaeological Narratives
Open Access
Edited by Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan, Jack L. Davis, and Vasiliki Florou
Reviewed by Mary C. Sturgeon

Catania: Archeologia e città I. Il progetto OPENCiTy: Banca Dati, GIS e WebGIS
Open Access
Edited by Daniele Malfitana, Antonino Mazzaglia, and Giuseppe Cacciaguerra
Reviewed by Carlo De Domenico

An Urban Geography of the Roman World, 100 BC to AD 300
Open Access
By J.W. Hanson
Reviewed by Damjan Donev, Rinse Willet

Theater and Spectacle in the Art of the Roman Empire
Open Access
Katherine M.D. Dunbabin
Reviewed by Sinclair W. Bell

Beyond Boundaries: Connecting Visual Cultures in the Provinces of Ancient Rome
Open Access
Edited by Susan E. Alcock, Mariana Egri, and James F.D. Frakes
Reviewed by Tatiana Ivleva

The Architecture of the Roman Triumph: Monuments, Memory, and Identity
Open Access
By Maggie L. Popkin
Reviewed by Jeremy Armstrong

The Pantheon: From Antiquity to the Present
Open Access
Edited by Tod A. Marder and Mark Wilson Jones
Reviewed by Rabun Taylor

An Oasis City
Open Access
By Roger S. Bagnall, Nicola Aravecchia, Raffaella Cribiore, Paola Davoli, Olaf E. Kaper, and Susanna McFadden
Reviewed by Gillian Bowen

De Africa Romaque: Merging Cultures Across North Africa
Open Access
Edited by Niccolò Mugnai, Julia Nikolaus, and Nick Ray
Reviewed by Stefan Ardeleanu

La romanisation de l’Illyrie méridionale et de la Chaônie
Open Access
By Saimir Shpuza
Reviewed by Will Bowden

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