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Social Strategies and Spatial Dynamics in Neopalatial Crete: An Analysis of the North-Central Area
(pp. 1–36)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Ellen Adams

A New Look at Pompey’s Theater: History, Documentation, and Recent Excavation
(pp. 93–122)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Maria C. Gagliardo, James E. Packer

Field Reports

Investigating the Early Pottery Neolithic of Northern Syria: New Evidence from Tell Sabi Abyad
(pp. 123–156)
Peter M.M.G. Akkermans, René Cappers, Chiara Cavallo, Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, Bonnie Nilhamn, Iris N. Otte


Elizabeth Schofield, 1935–2005
(pp. 157–159)
Gerald Cadogan

Print Review Articles

Three Studies of Ancient Near Eastern Iconography
(pp. 161–165)
Stephanie Lynn Budin

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews January 2006
(pp. 167–189)

Online Review Articles

Archaeological CDs
Open Access
John G. Younger

Book Reviews

The Archaeology of Religious Hatred in the Roman and Early Medieval World
Open Access
By Eberhard Sauer
Reviewed by Deirdre O’Sullivan

Swedish Excavations at Sinda, Cyprus: Excavations Conducted by Arne Furumark 1947–1948
Open Access
By Arne Furumark and Charles M. Adelman
Reviewed by Jennifer M. Webb

Scarabs, Scaraboids, Seals, and Seal Impressions from Medinet Habu
Open Access
By Emily Teeter
Reviewed by Joyce Haynes

Miletos: A History
Open Access
By Alan M. Greaves
Reviewed by Richard Posamentir

Boats and Shipwrecks of Ireland
Open Access
By Colin Breen and Wes Forsythe
Reviewed by John Waddell

Roman Brooches in Britain: A Technological and Typological Study Based on the Richborough Collection
Open Access
By Justine Bailey and Sarnia Butcher
Reviewed by Richard Hingley

Römerzeitliche Schiffsfunde in der Datenbank Römerzeitliche Schiffsfunde in der Datenbank “Navis I”
Open Access
Edited by Allard Mees and Barbara Pferdehirt
Reviewed by Aleydis Van de Moortel

Books Received

List of Books Received
(pp. 190–193)