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January 1966 (70.1)


The Boston Oresteia Krater (pp. 1–22)
Emily Vermeule

Possible Disappearance of Mycenaean Coastal Settlements of the Messenian Peninsula (pp. 23–29)
Charles G. Higgins

The Caeretan Figured Group (pp. 31–36)
Mario A. del Chiaro

The Peace Policy of Pericles (pp. 37–41)
A.E. Raubitschek

A Mycenaean Mourning Custom (pp. 43–50)
Sp. E. Iakovidis

The Origin of Tanagras (pp. 51–63)
Dorothy Burr Thompson

Archaeological Notes

The Velletri Sarcophagus Carved for the Family of the Octaviani (p. 65)
Margarete Bieber

Nero’s Harbor Sestertii (pp. 65–66)
Aline Abaecherli Boyce

IG II² 1493: Corrigenda (p. 66)
Reviewed by Fordyce W. Mitchel

Lead Tabellae from Morgantina (pp. 67–68)
Ned Nabers

Greek Kouroi and Egyptian Methods (pp. 68–70)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

A Bibliographical Note (p. 70) 
Elizabeth T. Wakeley

Report on Archaeological Prospects in the Batin El Hajar (Sudanese Nubia) (p. 71) 


Georg Karo (p. 73)
Sp. Marinatos

Otto Walter (p. 74)
A.E. Raubitschek

Book Reviews

Fouilles d’Amri (p. 75)
By Jean-Marie Casal
Reviewed by William Trousdale

Excavations at Nessana (pp. 75–76)
By H. Dunscombe Colt
Reviewed by Josephine M. Harris

Early Greek Armour and Weapons from the End of the Bronze Age to 600 B.C. (pp. 76–77)
By Anthony Snodgrass
Reviewed by Ann Konrad Knudsen

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Deutschland, Band 25, Frankfurt am Main, Band 1 (p. 77)
By Kurt Deppert
Reviewed by Herbert Hoffmann

Greek Art (pp. 77–78)
By John Boardman
Reviewed by Robert Scranton

The Dance of the Ancient Greek Theatre; The Dance in Ancient Greece (pp. 78–80)
By Lillian B. Lawler
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Scavi di Ostia, V. I Ritratti, Parte I: Ritratti greci e romani fino al 160 circa d.c. (pp. 80–81)
By Raissa Calza
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

Ponti Romani. I. Ponte Pietra a Verona; II. Contributo ad un indice sistematico con studio critico bibliografico (pp. 81–82)
By Piero Gazzola
Reviewed by M.H. Ballance

La maison de la procession dionysiaque à El Jem (p. 82)
By L. Foucher
Reviewed by D.J. Smith

Richerche sull’Arte di Età Severiana in Roma (pp. 82–83)
By Luisa Franchi
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

Album of Dated Latin Inscriptions, II: Rome and the Neighborhood, A.D. 100–199 (pp. 83–85)
By Arthur E. Gordon
Reviewed by Alvaro d’Ors

Roman Art and Architecture (p. 85)
By Mortimer Wheeler
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

Collection Hélène Stathatos. III. Objets Antiques et Byzantins (pp. 85–86)
By Pierre Amandry and Claude Rolley
Reviewed by Roland Hampe

European Art and the Classical Past (pp. 86–87)
By Cornelius Vermeule
Reviewed by Katharine Shepard

The Native Americans: Prehistory and Ethnology of the North American Indians (p. 87)
By Robert F. Spencer and Jesse D. Jennings
Reviewed by Richard B. Woodbury

The Dynamics of Stylistic Change in Arikara Ceramics (pp. 87–88)
By James Deetz
Reviewed by William A. Longacre