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October 1977 (81.4)

Volume Index

Volume 81 (1977) Index (Open Access)


Alkamenes’ Sculptures for the Hephaisteion: Part III, Iconography and Style (pp. 411–426)
Evelyn B. Harrison

The Thematic Organization of the Panel Reliefs on the Arch of Galerius (pp. 427–454)
Margret S. Pond Rothman

Corinth and Corfu: A Neutron Activation Study of Their Pottery (pp. 455–468)
Marie Farnsworth, I. Perlman, and Frank Asaro

Archaeology and the “Twenty Cities” of Byzantine Asia (pp. 469–486)
Clive Foss

A Near-Classical Sculptural Style in Italy (pp. 487–505)
Quentin Maule

News Letter from Greece (pp. 507–522)
Miriam E. Caskey

Archaeological News from Cyprus, 1975 (pp. 523–532)
Kyriakos Nicolaou

Chronologies in Old World Archaeology, 1977

The Texts, the Palace, and the Reliefs of Ashurnasirpal II (pp. 533–543)
Samuel M. Paley

Attic Pottery in the Achaemenid Empire (pp. 544–548)
Keith de Vries

The Architecture of Hasanlu: Periods I to IV (pp. 548–552)
Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

Archaeological Notes

Fouilles de Delphes III 2 no. 49: An Explanation of the Puzzle (pp. 553–554)
Eugene Vanderpool

High Flying at Paestum: A Reply (pp. 554–555)
R. Ross Holloway

High Flying at Paestum: Further Comments (pp. 555–557)
W.J. Slater

Attributions in the LM IB Marine Style (pp. 557–560)
P.-A. Mountjoy

Further Observations on the Marine Style (p. 561)
Philip P. Betancourt

Book Reviews

Die Gräber der Argolis in submykenischer, protogeometrischer und geometrischer Zeit, I, Lage und Form der Gräber, by Robin Hägg; Tombes géométriques d’Argos, I (1952–1958), by Paul Courbin (pp. 563–565)
Reviewed by Miriam Ervin Caskey

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites (p. 565)
By Richard Stillwell, William L. MacDonald, and Marian Holland McAllister
Reviewed by Robert L. Pounder

A History of Greek Art (pp. 566–567)
By Martin Robertson
Reviewed by Jerome J. Pollitt

Die Koren des Erechtheion (pp. 567–568)
By Hans Lauter
Reviewed by John Griffiths Pedley

Die griechischen Vasen (pp. 568–569)
By Erika Simon
Reviewed by Joan R. Mertens

Archaic and Classical Greek Coins (pp. 569–571)
By Colin M. Kraay
Reviewed by Nancy M. Waggoner

Mutter und Quelle. Studien zur Quellenverehrung im Altertum und im Mittelalter (pp. 571–572)
By Friedrich Muthmann
Reviewed by Phyllis Pray Bober

The Paris Painter, an Etruscan Vase-Painter. pp. 51, figs. 8, pls. 34. Copenhagen, 1974 and the Followers of the Paris Painter (pp. 572–574)
By Lise Hannestad
Reviewed by Mario A. del Chiaro

Funerary Symbolism in Apulian Vase-Painting (pp. 574–575)
By H.R.W. Smith and J.K. Anderson
Reviewed by Eva Keuls

Gnathia Pottery in the Akademisches Kunstmuseum Bonn (pp. 575–576)
By J.R. Green
Reviewed by Mario A. del Chiaro

Kenchreai: Eastern Port of Corinth. II: The Panels of Opus Sectile in Glass (pp. 576–577)
By Leila Ibrahim, Robert Scranton, and Robert Brill
Reviewed by D.J. Smith

List of Books Received

Books Received (pp. 577–580)