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July–September 1933 (37.3)

Archaeological Notes

The Christian Chapel at Dura (pp. 377–380)
P.V.C. Baur

Prehistoric Rock-Drawings in Transjordan (pp. 381–386)
George Horsfield, Agnes Horsfield, and Nelson Glueck

The Twenty-Sixth Lydian Inscription (pp. 387–396)
G.W. Elderkin

New Light on the Greek House from the Zenon Papyri (pp. 397–399)
Naphtali Lewis

Narthex (pp. 400–403)
J.D. Beazley

Note on Mottled Vases (pp. 404–406)
Frederick O. Waagé

A Rhodian Stele (pp. 407–411)
Margaret Rickert

Notes on Three Decrees of B.C. 306/5 (pp. 412–416)
Sterling Dow

The Sanctuary of Asklepios and Hygieia at Corinth (pp. 417–451)
Ferdinand Joseph de Waele

Local Festivals at Delos (pp. 452–458)
Irene Ringwood Arnold

The Ethnic Background of the Early Civilizations of the Near East (pp. 459–466)
E.A. Speiser

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 467–508)
David M. Robinson, Richard Stillwell and A.W. Van Buren

Book Reviews

Die Ägyptischen Personennamen (pp. 509–511)
By Hermann Ranke
Reviewed by Battiscombe Gunn

Egyptian Antiquities in the Nile Valley: A Descriptive Handbook (p. 511)
By James Baikie
Reviewed by Battiscombe Gunn

Some Tombs of Tell en-Nasbeh Discovered in 1929, a Special Report, by William Frederic Badè; The Citadel of Beth-Zur, by Ovid Rogers Sellers (pp. 511–512)
Reviewed by James A. Montgomery

The Flowing Vase and the God with Streams (pp. 513–514)
By E.D. Van Buren
Reviewed by Léon Legrain

Early Civilization in Thessaly (pp. 514–515)
By Hazel D. Hansen
Reviewed by J. Penrose Harland

Catalogue of Sculpture in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities of the British Museum, Vol. I, Part II, Cypriote and Etruscan (p. 515)
By F.N. Pryce
Reviewed by Gisela M. A. Richter

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Katalog der statuarischen Bronzen im Antiquarium, Band I, Die Minoischen und archaisch griechischen Bronzen (p. 516)
By Karl Anton Neugebauer
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Griechische Steinschriften als Ausdruck lebendigen Geistes (p. 516)
By Arthur Muthmann and M. Hartge
Reviewed by Rhys Carpenter

Sardis. Publication of the American Society for the Excavation of Sardis. Volume VII. Greek and Latin Inscriptions. Part I (pp. 516–517)
By W.H. Buckler and David M. Robinson
Reviewed by Roland G. Kent

Metropolitan Museum Studies. Volume IV, Part 2 (pp. 517–518)
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

Ancestral Portraiture in Rome and the Art of the Republic (pp. 518–519)
By Annie N. Zadoks and Josephus Jitta
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Forma orbis romani: carte archéologique de la Gaule roumaine dressée sous la direction de M. Adrien Blanchet. Fasc. I: Carte (partie orientale) et texte complet du département des Aples-Maritimes; Carte (partie orientale) du département des Basses-Alpes, by Paul Couissin, Henry de Gérin-Ricard, and A. Blanchet; Forma orbis romani: carte archéologique de la Gaule roumaine dressée sous la direction de M. Adrien Blanchet. Fasc. II: Carte (partie orientale) et text complet du département du Var, by Paul Couissin, A. Donnadieu, Paul Goby, A. Blanchet, and Henry de Gérin-Ricard (pp. 519–521)
Reviewed by Walter Woodburn Hyde

Companion to the Study of Pompeii and Herculaneum; A Bibliographical Guide to Latium and Southern Etruria (p. 521)
By A.W. Van Buren
Reviewed by H. Comfort

The Rockefeller McCormick New Testament (pp. 521–522)
By Edgar J. Goodspeed, Donald W. Riddle, and Harold R. Willoughby
Reviewed by Henry A. Sanders and Ernest T. DeWald

The Ancient Synagogue of Beth Alpha (p. 523)
By E.L. Sukenik
Reviewed by Carl H. Kraeling

Monuments Byzantins de Curtéa de Arges (pp. 523–524)
By O. Tafrali
Reviewed by Kenneth J. Conant

The Monasteries of the Wâdi 'n Natrûn, Part II: The History of the Monasteries of Nitria and of Scetis (pp. 524–526)
By Hugh G. Evelyn White
Reviewed by Kirsopp Lake

The Temples of Anking and Their Cults (p. 526)
By John Shryock
Reviewed by George Rowley

Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology for the Year 1930 (pp. 526–527)
By J.Ph. Vogel
Reviewed by Ananda M. Coomaraswamy

The Civilizations of the East, Vol. II, India (p. 527)
By R. Grousset and Alison Phillips
Reviewed by Ananda Coomaraswamy