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January 1974 (78.1)


A Story of Five Amazons (pp. 1–17)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Volcanic Tephra on Crete (pp. 19–24)
Charles J. Vitaliano and Dorothy B. Vitaliano

The Sanctuary at San Mauro, Buccino (pp. 25–32)
R. Ross Holloway

A Classification for Granulation in Ancient Metalwork (pp. 33–39)
Diane Lee Carroll

Minturnae: The Via Appia Bridge (pp. 41–48)
Alan C. Brookes

Aeneas and Turnus on Late Etruscan Funerary Urns (pp. 49–54)
Jocelyn Penny Small

A Greek Pediment on a Roman Temple (pp. 55–61)
Steven Lattimore

Archaeological Notes

A Protoattic High Standed Bowl in Buffalo (pp. 63–65)
Susan Matheson Burke

Note on an Inscription from the Ptoion (p. 65)
John M. Fossey

Boat-Models from Early Chinese Tombs (pp. 65–68)
Richard C. Rudolph

New Acquisitions of Roman Sculpture at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (pp. 68–70)
Mario A. del Chiaro

The Question of the Cleveland Kouros (pp. 70–71)
John F. Kenfield, III

A Cypriote Votive Statue in the University Gallery at Minnesota (pp. 71–75)
William D.E. Coulson and Diana S. Furmanik

A Wooden Chest from the Third Shaft Grave (pp. 75–78)
Charlotte R. Long

An Illiterate Scribe (p. 78)
S.A. Goudsmit

Book Reviews

Regenkult-anlagen in Boǧazköy-Hattuša (pp. 79–80)
By Peter Neve
Reviewed by Peter Z. Spanos

Studies and Restorations at Persepolis and Other Sites of Fārs (pp. 80–81)
By Estremo Oriente and Ann Britt Tilia
Reviewed by Carl Nylander

Miscellanea Wilbouriana 1.4° (pp. 81–82)
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

Kalabsha: The Preserving of the Temple (p. 82)
By G.R.H. Wright
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

The Scandinavian Joint Expedition to Sudanese Nubia Publications (pp. 82–83)
By T. Sâve-Soderbergh
Reviewed by N.B. Millet

Copper and Tin. The Distribution of Mineral Resources and the Nature of the Metals Trade in the Bronze Age (pp. 83–84)
By James David Muhly
Reviewed by Earle R. Caley

The Minnesota Messenia Expedition. Reconstructing a Bronze Age Regional Environment (pp. 84–86)
By William A. McDonald and George R. Rapp
Reviewed by L. Vance Watrous

Enkomi, Excavations 1948–1958 (pp. 86–88)
By Porphyrios Dikaios
Reviewed by Emily Vermeule

Kadmeia I. Mycenaean Finds from Thebes, Greece. Excavation at 14 Oedipus St. (pp. 88–89)
By Sarantis Symeonoglou
Reviewed by Jeremy Rutter

Cult Places in the Aegean World (p. 90)
By Bogdan Rutkowski and Krystyna Kozlowska
Reviewed by Niki Scoufopoulos Stavrolakes

Untersuchung über den bei Homer “Depas Amphikypellon” Genannten Gefässtypus (pp. 90–92)
By Peter Z. Spanos
Reviewed by Jean D. Carpenter

The Earliest European Helmets. Bronze Age and Early Iron Age (pp. 92–93)
By Hugh Hencken
Reviewed by Christopher Hawkes

Homerische Helme. Helmformen der Ägäis in ihren Beziehungen zu orientalischen und europäischen Helmen in der Bronze- und Frühen Eisenzeit (pp. 93–95)
By Jürgen Borchhardt
Reviewed by Jane C. Waldbaum

Early Cretan Armorers (p. 95)
By Herbert Hoffmann
Reviewed by Keith DeVries

Greek Art. Its Development, Character and Influence by Robert M. Cook; Greek Art (pp. 95–96)
By Walter-Herwig Schuchhardt
Reviewed by Isabelle K. Raubitschek

By Γ.I. Δεσπίνη
Reviewed by Nancy Bookidis

The Silver Coinage of the Phokians (pp. 97–98)
By Roderick T. Williams
Reviewed by Nancy M. Waggoner

Greek, Etruscan and Roman Bronzes in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (pp. 98–99)
By Mary Comstock and Cornelius Vermeule
Reviewed by Claude Rolley and D. K. Hill

Kunst und Altertum am Rhein. 19. Antiken aus dem akademischen Kunstmuseum Bonn; Das akademische Kunstmuseum der Universität Bonn (p. 99)
By Nikolaus Himmelmann
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

Teatri Classici in Asia Minore. Cibyra, Selge, Hieropolis (pp. 99–100)
By Daria de Bernardi Ferrero
Reviewed by Elizabeth R. Gebhard

Med Kungen På Acqua Rossa (pp. 100–101)
By Erik Wetter, Carl-Eric Östenberg, and Mario Moretti
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

Roman Glass in Limburg (pp. 101–102)
By C. Isings
Reviewed by Susan Handler Auth

The Insulae of Imperial Ostia (pp. 102–103)
By James E. Packer
Reviewed by Herbert Bloch

Die Fundmünzen von Vindonissa von Hadrian bis zum Ausgang der Römerherrschaft (p. 103)
By Thomas Pekáry
Reviewed by T.V. Buttrey