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The Nike of Samothrace: Setting the Record Straight
(pp. 551–573)
Kevin Clinton, Ludovic Laugier, Andrew Stewart, Bonna D. Wescoat

Intestinal Parasitic Infection in the Eastern Roman Empire During the Imperial Period and Late Antiquity
(pp. 631–657)
Open Access
Marissa L. Ledger, Erica Rowan, Frances Gallart Marques, John H. Sigmier, Nataša Šarkić, Saša Redžić, Nicholas D. Cahill, Piers D. Mitchell

Field Reports

A Recently Discovered Spring Source of the Aqua Traiana at Vicarello, Lazio
(pp. 659–693)
Open Access
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Rabun Taylor, Edward O'Neill, Katherine W. Rinne, Giovanni Isidori, Michael O'Neill, R. Benjamin Gorham


Alexander Cambitoglou, 1922-2019
(pp. 695–698)
Open Access
John K. Papadopoulos

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Book Reviews

Memory and Nation Building: From Ancient Times to the Islamic State
Open Access
By Michael L. Galaty
Reviewed by Katina T. Lillios

The Evolution of Fragility: Setting the Terms
Open Access
Edited by Norman Yoffee
Reviewed by Guy D. Middleton

Archaeologies of Gender and Violence
Open Access
Edited by Uroš Matić and Bo Jensen
Reviewed by Kate Harrell

Violence and the Sacred in the Ancient Near East: Girardian Conversations at Çatalhöyük
Open Access
Edited by Ian Hodder
Reviewed by Mattia Cartolano

Burials, Migration and Identity in the Ancient Sahara and Beyond
Open Access
Edited by M.C. Gatto, D.J. Mattingly, N. Ray, and M. Sterry
Reviewed by Robert James Stark

Palaikastro Building 1
Open Access
Edited by J.A. MacGillivray and L.H. Sackett
Reviewed by John C. McEnroe

Greek Colonization in Local Contexts: Case Studies in Colonial Interactions
Open Access
Edited by Jason Lucas, Carrie Ann Murray, and Sara Owen
Reviewed by Megan J. Daniels

Early Greek Portraiture. Monuments and Histories
Open Access
By Catherine M. Keesling
Reviewed by Kristen Seaman

La cité des regards: Autour de François Lissarrague
Open Access
Edited by Vasiliki Zachari, Élise Lehoux, and Noémie Hosoi
Reviewed by Eric W. Driscoll

The Ancient Greek Farmstead
Open Access
By Maeve McHugh
Reviewed by Peter S. Allen

Reset in Stone: Memory and Reuse in Ancient Athens
Open Access
By Sarah A. Rous
Reviewed by Jon M. Frey

Reconstructing the Lansdowne Collection of Classical Marbles
Open Access
By Elizabeth Angelicoussis
Reviewed by Janet Burnett Grossman

Infancy and Earliest Childhood in the Roman World: “A Fragment of Time”
Open Access
By Maureen Carroll
Reviewed by Sinclair W. Bell

Funerary Archaeology and Changing Identities: Community Practices in Roman-Period Sardinia
Open Access
By Mauro Puddu
Reviewed by Allison L.C. Emmerson

Women, Children, and the Family in Palmyra
Open Access
Edited by Signe Krag and Rubina Raja
Reviewed by Alice Christ

Stamps on Terra Sigillata Found in Excavations of the Theatre of Aptera, Crete
Open Access
By Martha W. Baldwin Bowsky
Reviewed by Jane Francis

Roman Amphorae in Neuss: Augustan to Julio-Claudian Contexts
Open Access
By Horacio González Cesteros and Piero Berni Millet
Reviewed by Kostas Filis

Sanctuaries in Roman Dacia: Materiality and Religious Experience
Open Access
By Csaba Szabó
Reviewed by Damjan Donev

The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Archaeology
Open Access
Edited by David K. Pettegrew, William R. Caraher, and Thomas W. Davis
Reviewed by Kilian Mallon

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