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October–December 1949 (53.4)

Volume 53 (1949) Index (Open Access)

The Twelfth Imperatorial Acclamation of Septimius Severus (pp. 337–344)
Aline Abaecherli Boyce

Nazca Pottery at Florida State University (pp. 345–354)
George B. Martin–Vegue

Notes and Discussions

Post War Prehistory in Poland (pp. 355–356)
Józef Kostrzewski

The Inscription on the Eleusis Vase (pp. 356–357)
Wm. T.M. Forbes

The Boston Siren Aryballos (pp. 357–359)
J.R.T. Pollard

An Anthemion from Thasos (pp. 359–362)
G. Bakalakis

Fasti Consulares (pp. 362–364)
Albert Suskin

Archaeological News (pp. 365–387)
Elizabeth Pierce Blegen, Claude F.-A. Schaeffer and P. Dikaios

Necrology: William Nickerson Bates (pp. 388–389)
Stephen B. Luce

Archaeological Digest (pp. 390–403)

Book Reviews

The Neolithic Period in Bulgaria: Early Food-Producing Cultures in Eastern Europe (pp. 404–406)
By James Harvey Gaul
Reviewed by Saul S. Weinberg

Archaeology (pp. 406–407)
By N. Trubnikova
Reviewed by Henry Field and Kathleen Price

La Transylvanie dans l’Antiquité (p. 407)
By C. Daicoviciu
Reviewed by J. F. Gilliam

Seal Impressions of Nuzi, Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research, xxiv (1944–1945) (pp. 407–408)
By Edith Porada
Reviewed by Elie Borowski

Egyptian Servant Statues (pp. 408–409)
By James Henry Breasted
Reviewed by Nora Scott

Etruscan Vase-Painting (pp. 409–411)
By J.D. Beazley
Reviewed by D.A. Amyx

Les Vases Grecs de la Bibliotheque Royale de Belgique (pp. 411–412)
By Denise Feytmans
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Teatri Greci Arcaici, da Minosse a Pericle (pp. 412–414)
By Carlo Anti
Reviewed by William A. McDonald

Guida per il Visitatore del Teatro Antico di Siracusa (pp. 414–415)
By Carlo Anti
Reviewed by William A. McDonald

Köpfe von den Südmetopen des Parthenon (pp. 415–416)
By Gerhart Rodenwaldt
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Castellum Dimmidi (pp. 416–417)
By Gilbert Charles Picard
Reviewed by Robert Scranton

Contributions a l’histoire du stade antique de Philippopolis (pp. 417–418)
By Dimitre Tsontchev
Reviewed by Lucy T. Shoe

Excavations at the Jewry Wall Site, Leicester (p. 418)
By Kathleen M. Kenyon
Reviewed by Phyllis Pray Bober

De Belgische Waar in Nijmegen, by J.H. Holwerda; Het in de Pottenbakkerij van de Holdeurn gefabriceerde Aardewerk uit de Nijmeegsche Grafvelden, by J.H. Holwerda; De Holdeurn bij berg en Dal, by J.H. Holwerda and W.C. Braat (pp. 418–419)
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Dalla Monarchia allo Stato Repubblicano, Richerche di Storia Arcaica, Collezione Ethos (pp. 419–420)
By Santo Mazzarino
Reviewed by Lily Ross Taylor                                

Handbook to the Nicholson Museum, Second Edition (pp. 420–421)
By A.D. Trendall
Reviewed by Dorothy Burr Thompson

The Conversion of Constantine and Pagan Rome (pp. 421–422)
By Andrew Alföldi and Harold Mattingly
Reviewed by M.L.W. Laistner

Constantine and the Conversion of Europe (p. 422)
By A.H.M. Jones
Reviewed by M.L.W. Laistner

Works of Art in Greece, the Greek Islands, and the Dodecanese, Losses and Survivals in the War by Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Sub-Commission of the C.M.F. (pp. 422–423)
Reviewed by Lucy T. Shoe

Works of Art in Germany (British Zone of Occupation) Losses and Survivals in the War by Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Branch of the Control Commission for Germany (pp. 423–424)
Reviewed by Lucy T. Shoe