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Boris Il’ich Marshak, 1933–2006
(pp. 783–785)
Judith A. Lerner

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Classical Art in Copenhagen
(pp. 787–794)
Elizabeth Bartman, Helen Nagy

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Book Reviews October 2007
(pp. 803–819)

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Book Reviews

Demography in Archaeology
Open Access
By Andrew Chamberlain
Reviewed by Andrew Millard

Beneath the Seven Seas: Adventures with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Open Access
Edited by George Bass
Reviewed by Brendan P. Foley

Sacred and Secular: Ancient Egyptian Ships and Boats
Open Access
By Cheryl A. Ward
Reviewed by Aleydis Van de Moortel

Neolithic Revolution: New Perspectives on Southwest Asia in Light of Recent Discoveries on Cyprus
Open Access
Edited by E. Peltenburg and A. Wasse
Reviewed by Joanne Clarke

The Archaeology of Hellenistic Palestine: Between Tradition and Renewal
Open Access
By Tal Oren
Reviewed by Uriel Rappaport

Kastraki: Un Sanctuaire en Laconie
Open Access
By Juliette De La Genière
Reviewed by Paul Cartledge

L’autel de Pergame: Images et pouvoir en Gréce d’Asie
Open Access
By Françis Queyrel
Reviewed by Lisa R. Brody

La laine et le parfum: Épinetra et alabastres. Forme, iconographie, et fonction
Open Access
By Panayota Badinou
Reviewed by Sheramy D. Bundrick

Archaeology and the Emergence of Greece
Open Access
By Anthony M. Snodgrass
Reviewed by Christopher Smith

Architecture Romaine d’Asie Mineur: Les monuments de Xanthos et Leur ornementation
Open Access
By Laurence Cavalier
Reviewed by Guy P.R. Métraux

Mythos Troja
Open Access
Edited by Raimund Wünsche
Reviewed by Karl Kilinski

The Religion of the Etruscans
Open Access
By Nancy Thomson de Grummond and Erika Simon
Reviewed by Alexandra A. Carpino

Roman Theatres: An Architectural Study
Open Access
By Frank Sear
Reviewed by Lynne Lancaster

Books Received

List of Books Received
(pp. 819–822)