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October 1963 (67.4)

Volume Index

Volume 67 (1963) Index (Open Access)

Review Article

Greek Bronzes (pp. 333–351)
Mogens Gjødesen


Mycenaean and Protogeometric Tombs in the Halicarnassus Peninsula (pp. 353–361)
George F. Bass

The Chronology of the Euryalos Fortress at Syracuse (pp. 363–387)
F.E. Winter

Coloring Agents for Greek Glazes (pp. 389–396)
Marie Farnsworth and Ivor Simmons

News Letter from Rome (pp. 397–409)
A.W. van Buren

Archaeological Notes

The Statue of Chabrias (pp. 411–413)
J.K. Anderson

Synthetic Elastomers in Epigraphy (pp. 413–416)
Curt W. Beck

A Review of the Throne Room at Cnossos (pp. 416–419)
Clark Hopkins


Ernst Buschor (p. 421) 
A.E. Raubitschek

Book Reviews

The Ḥeḳanakhte Papers and Other Early Middle Kingdom Documents (p. 423)
By T.G.H. James
Reviewed by William Simpson

Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, Volume I (pp. 423–424)
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

Sotira (pp. 424–425)
By Porphyrios Dikaios
Reviewed by Sara A. Immerwahr

Perachora. The Sanctuaries of Hera Akraia and Limenia. Excavations of the British School of Archaeology at Athens. 1930–1933. II. Pottery, Ivories, Scarabs, and Other Objects from the Votive Deposits of Hera Limenia (pp. 425–426)
By T.J. Dunbabin
Reviewed by Saul S. Weinberg

Greek Painting (pp. 426–427)
By Pierre Devambez
Reviewed by D.A. Amyx

Kunst des Altertums in Hamburg. Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (pp. 427–428)
By Herbert Hoffmann and Friedrich Hewicker
Reviewed by Ellen L. Kohler

Antike Kunstwerke aus dem Martin von Wagner-Museum. Erwerbungen 1945–1961 (p. 428)
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

The Pedimental Sculptures of the Hieron in Samothrace (pp. 428–429)
By Phyllis Williams Lehmann
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Antike Figuralkapitelle (pp. 429–430)
By Eugen von Mercklin
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

Les portraits romains. Volume I, République et dynastie julienne (pp. 430–431)
By Vagn Poulsen
Reviewed by Frank E. Brown

Hommages à Albert Grenier (pp. 431–432)
By Marcel Renard
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

IsraelAncient Mosaics (p. 432)
By M. Schapiro and M. Avi-Yonah
Reviewed by D.J. Smith

TunisiaAncient Mosaics (pp. 432–433)
By G. Caputo and A. Driss
Reviewed by D.J. Smith

Römische Wandmalereien in Augsburg (pp. 433–434)
By Klaus Parlasca
Reviewed by Joan Liversidge

L’Archeologia cristiana in Palestina (p. 434)
By Bellarmino Bagatti
Reviewed by Paul Lapp

A Bronze Hoard of the Period of Zeno I (pp. 434–435)
By Howard L. Adelson and George L. Kustas
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

Mexico (pp. 435–436)
By Michael D. Coe
Reviewed by Ignacio Bernal

The Archaeology of Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia (pp. 436–437)
By Robert C. Suggs
Reviewed by Roger C. Green