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July 1986 (90.3)


Greek Art and Persian Taste: Some Animal Sculptures from Persepolis (pp. 259–267)
Trudy S. Kawami

A Bronze Age Shipwreck at Ulu Burun (Kaş): 1984 Campaign (pp. 269–296)
George F. Bass

The Composition of the Argo Metopes from the Monopteros at Delphi (pp. 297–305)
George N. Szeliga

The Running Maiden from Eleusis and the Early Classical Image of Hekate (pp. 307–318)
Charles M. Edwards

The Date of the Athenian Stoa at Delphi (pp. 319–336)
John Walsh

The Emperor’s Stars: The Conservatori Portrait of Commodus (pp. 337–342)
Robert Hannah


John Travlos, 1908–1985 (pp. 343–345)
Homer A. Thompson

Book Reviews

Paleobiological Investigations. Research Design, Methods and Data Analysis (pp. 347–348)
By N.R.J. Fieller, D.D. Gilbertson, and N.G.A. Ralph
Reviewed by Pam J. Crabtree

Archaeological Geology (pp. 348–349)
By George Rapp and John A. Gifford
Reviewed by Karl W. Butzer

Early Stamp Seals in South-East Europe (p. 349)
By János Makkay
Reviewed by L. Ellis

The Deya Conference of Prehistory: Early Settlement in the Western Mediterranean Islands and Their Peripheral Areas (pp. 349–350)
By William H. Waldren, Robert Chapman, James Lewthwaite, and Rex-Claire Kennard
Reviewed by Robert J. Rowland, Jr.

Elam, Surveys of Political History and Archaeology (pp. 350–351)
By Elizabeth Carter and Matthew W. Stolper
Reviewed by Benjamin R. Foster

Λιθάρες (pp. 351–352)
By Hara Tzavella-Evjen
Reviewed by Michael Fotiadis

La cultura preistorica di Iasos in Caria (p. 352)
By Paolo Emilio Pecorella
Reviewed by Tamara Stech

L’iconographie minoenne, by Pascal Darcque and Jean-Claude Poursat; Art and Religion in Thera: Reconstructing a Bronze Age Society, by Nanno Marinatos (pp. 353–354)
Reviewed by Karen Polinger Foster

Aux origines de l’hellénisme. La Crète et la Grèce. Hommage à Henri Van Effenterre (pp. 354–355)
Reviewed by Emily Vermeule

Pylos: Palmprints and Palmleaves, by Karl-Erik Sjöquist and Paul Åström; Pylos Comes Alive: Industry and Administration in a Mycenaean Palace, by Cynthia W. Shelmerdine and Thomas G. Palaima; The Perfume Industry of Mycenaean Pylos, by Cynthia W. Shelmerdine (pp. 355–356)
Reviewed by Jeremy Rutter

Contributions to Aegean Archaeology: Studies in Honor of William A. McDonald (p. 357)
By Nancy C. Wilkie and William D.E. Coulso
Reviewed by Jack L. Davis

The Mycenaeans and Europe (pp. 357–358)
By Anthony F. Harding
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

The Extramural Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, Libya: Background and Introduction to the Excavations (pp. 358–360)
By Donald White
Reviewed by Shelby Brown

The Amasis Painter and His World: Vase-Painting in Sixth-Century B.C. Athens (pp. 360–361)
By Dietrich von Bothmer
Reviewed by Sarah P. Morris

The Reign of the Phallus: Sexual Politics in Ancient Athens (pp. 361–363)
By Eva C. Keuls
Reviewed by H.A. Shapiro

Fortress Attica: Defense of the Athenian Land Frontier 404–322 B.C. (pp. 363–365)
By Josiah Ober
Reviewed by Mark H. Munn

Greek and Italian Black-Gloss Wares and Related Wares in the Royal Ontario Museum: A Catalogue (pp. 365–366)
By John W. Hayes
Reviewed by Kathleen Warner Slane

Settlement and Society: Aspects of West European Prehistory in the First Millennium B.C. (pp. 366–367)
By T.C. Champion and J.V.S. Megaw
Reviewed by John Collis

La frise du Temple d’Artémis à Magnésie du Méandre. Catalogue des fragments du Musée du Louvre (pp. 367–368)
By Alain Davesne
Reviewed by Steven Lattimore

Cross-Channel Trade between Gaul and Britain in the Pre-Roman Iron Age (pp. 368–369)
By S. Macready and F.H. Thompson
Reviewed by Kevin Greene

Römische Grabreliefs in Mittel- und Süditalien (pp. 369–370)
By Hans G. Frenz
Reviewed by Diana E.E. Kleiner

Katalog der römischen Porträts in den Capitolinischen Museen und den anderen kommunalen Sammlungen der Stadt Rom, I: Kaiser- und Prinzenbildnisse (pp. 370–371)
By Klaus Fittschen and Paul Zanker
Reviewed by Diana E.E. Kleiner

Amoenissima Civitas. Block V.ii at Ostia. Description and Analysis of Its Visible Remains (pp. 371–372)
By Johannes S. Boersma
Reviewed by James Packer

Le monnayage de Magnence (350–353), Second Edition (p. 372)
By Pierre Bastien
Reviewed by William E. Metcalf

Hessen im Frühmittelalter. Archäologie und Kunst, by Helmut Roth and Egon Wamers; La Neustrie. Les pays au nord de la Loire, de Dagobert à Charles le Chauve (VIIe–IXe siècle) (pp. 372–374)
By Patrick Périn and Laure-Charlotte Feffer
Reviewed by Bailey K. Young

Before the Roses and the Nightingales. Excavations at Qasr-I Abu Nasr, Old Shiraz (pp. 374–375)
By Donald S. Whitcomb
Reviewed by David Whitehouse

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 375–377)