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January 2002 (106.1)


Prehistoric Old World Scalping: New Cases from the Cemetery of Aymyrlyg, South Siberia (pp. 1–10) 
Eileen Murphy, Ilia Gokhman, Yuri Chistov, and Ludmila Barkova

The Ancient Temple on the Acropolis at Athens (pp. 11–35) 
Gloria Ferrari

Mollusks from the Villa of Livia at Prima Porta, Rome: The Swedish Garden Archaeological Project, 1996–1999 (pp. 37–58) 
Ezequiel M. Pinto-Guillaume

Temples and Terracottas at Cosa (pp. 59–83) 
Rabun Taylor


Facing the Dead: Recent Research on the Funerary Art of Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt (pp. 85–101) 
Christina Riggs


William Donald Edward Coulson, 1942–2001 (pp. 103–105) 
Nancy C. Wilkie

Review Article

Out-Heroding Herod (pp. 107–110)
Barbara Burrell

Book Reviews

Archaeology and Language. Vol. 1, Theoretical and Methodological Orientations (pp. 111–112)
By Roger Blench and Matthew Spriggs 
Reviewed by Joanna S. Smith

From Hiroshima to the Iceman: The Development and Applications of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (pp. 112–113)
By Harry E. Gove
Reviewed by Rupert A. Housley

King Croesus' Gold: Excavations at Sardis and the History of Gold Refining (pp. 113–114)
By Andrew Ramage and Paul Craddock
Reviewed by David Killick

Coastal and Estuarine Environments: Sedimentology, Geomorphology and Geoarchaeology (pp. 114–115)
By K. Pye and J.R.L. Allen
Reviewed by Paul Goldberg

Klassische Archäologie: Eine Einführung (pp. 115–116)
By Adolf H. Borbein, Tonio Hölscher, and Paul Zanker
Reviewed by William M. Calder, III

Archaeology, Ideology and Society: The German Experience (pp. 116–118)
By Heinrich Härke
Reviewed by Reinhard Bernbeck

Waldemar Deonna: Un archéologue derrière l'objectif de 1903 à 1939 (p. 118)
By Jacques Chamay, Chantal Courtois, and Serge Rebetez
Reviewed by Andrew Szegedy-Maszak

Gender and Material Culture in Archaeological Perspective (pp. 118–120)
By Moira Donald and Linda Hurcombe
Reviewed by Joan Gero

Gender and Material Culture in Historical Perspective (pp. 118–120)
By Moira Donald and Linda Hurcombe
Reviewed by Joan Gero

Europe's First Farmers (pp. 120–121)
By T. Douglas Price 
Reviewed by Kathryn Jane Fewster

Pathways and Ceremonies: The Cursus Monuments of Britain and Ireland (pp. 121–123)
By Alistair Barclay and Jan Harding
Reviewed by Karlene Jones-Bley

Astronomy in Prehistoric Britain and Ireland (pp. 121–123)
By Clive Ruggles
Reviewed by Karlene Jones-Bley

Great Stone Circles (pp. 121–123)
By Aubrey Burl 
Reviewed by Karlene Jones-Bley

Minoan Architecture: A Contextual Analysis (pp. 123–124)
By Louise A. Hitchcock
Reviewed by John C. Mcenroe

The Greek-Swedish Excavations at the Agia Aikaterini Square Kastelli, Khania 1970–1987. Vol. 2, the Late Minoan IIIC Settlement (pp. 124–125)
By Erik Hallager and Birgitta P. Hallager 
Reviewed by Leslie Preston Day

Agriculture in Egypt from Pharaonic to Modern Times (pp. 125–126)
By Alan K. Bowman and Eugene Rogan
Reviewed by Colin E.P. Adams

The Archaeology of Elam: Formation and Transformation of an Ancient Iranian State (pp. 126–127)
By D.T. Potts 
Reviewed by Pierre Amiet

Monuments of Syria: An Historical Guide (pp. 127–128)
By Ross Burns 
Reviewed by Alexander H. Joffe

Greeks and Barbarians: Essays on the Interactions between Greeks and Non-Greeks in Antiquity and the Consequences for Eurocentrism (pp. 128–130)
By John E. Coleman and Clark A. Walz
Reviewed by Irad Malkin

Boeotia Antiqua. Vol. 6, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Boiotian Antiquities (Loyola University of Chicago, 24–26 May 1995) (pp. 130–131)
By John M. Fossey 
Reviewed by Duane W. Roller

Die "Kypseloslade" in Olympia: Form, Funktion und Bildschmuck. Eine archäologische Rekonstruktion. Mit einem Katalog der Sagenbilder in der korinthischen Vasenmalerei und einem Anhang zur Forschungsgeschichte (pp. 131–132)
By Rüdiger Splitter
Reviewed by Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell

Pergamon: Geschichte und Bauten einer antiken Metropole (pp. 132–134)
By Wolfgang Radt
Reviewed by Bradley A. Ault

Altertümer von Pergamon. Vol. 15, Die Stadtgrabung, pt. 3, Die hellenistischen und römischen Wohnhäuser von Pergamon: Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Anlagen zwischen der Mittel- und der Ostgasse (pp. 132–134)
By Ulrike Wulf
Reviewed by Bradley A. Ault

Der thronende Zeus: Eine Untersuchung zur statuarischen Ikonographie des Gottes in der spätklassischen und hellenistischen Kunst (pp. 134–135)
By Stavros Vlizos 
Reviewed by Geoffrey Waywell

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. USA 35: The Cleveland Museum of Art 2 (pp. 135–137)
By Jenifer Neils and Gisela Walberg 
Reviewed by J. Michael Padgett

Scavi francesi sul Palatino: Le indagini di Pietro Rosa per Napoleone III (1861–1870) (pp. 137–138)
By Maria Antonietta Tomei 
Reviewed by L. Richardson, Jr.

Lexicon topographicum urbis Romae. Vol. 5, T–Z. Addenda et corrigenda (pp. 138–139)
By Eva Margareta Steinby 
Reviewed by L. Richardson, Jr.

Vie colonnate: Paesaggi urbani del mondo antico (pp. 139–140)
By Giorgio Bejor
Reviewed by Alison B. Griffith

Chiragan, Aphrodismas, Konstantinopel: Zur mythologischen Skulptur der Spätantike (pp. 140–141)
By Marianne Bergmann
Reviewed by Niels Hannestad

I materiali archeologici della raccolta Nyáry del Museo Civico Correr di Venezia (pp. 141–142)
By Emanuela Gilli
Reviewed by Paolo Biagi

L'illyrie méridionale et l'Épire dans l'antiquité. Vol. 3, Actes du 3e colloque international de Chantilly (16–19 octobre 1996) (pp. 142–144)
By Pierre Cabanes 
Reviewed by Virginia R. Anderson-Stojanovic

Roles of the Northern Goddess (p. 144)
By Hilda E. Davidson
Reviewed by Nancy L. Wicker

"Westgotische" Gräberfelder auf der iberischen Halbinsel am Beispiel der Funde aus El Carpio de Tajo (Torrijos, Toledo) (pp. 145–146)
By Barbara Sasse 
Reviewed by Sabine Noack-Haley

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 146–150)